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I don't know if this has been discussed on here already; if it has, I apologize.

I know that one of the System Updates for the PS4 allowed you to archive Twitch streams done on the system, but for the life of me, I haven't figured out how to actually enable that feature. Am I missing something obvious, or have they removed that feature? Has anybody tried this and had it work? I feel like Brad's Destiny Raid streams were archived in this manner, but I'm not sure.

Thanks for your help, everybody.

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Congratulations, Johnny V! Hopefully, you can use your newfound authority to fulfill your dreams of putting Captain Eo in Disney Infinity.

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I just got a blue engram that decrypted to my first Legendary helmet. HOORAY!

Then, I did one of the Queen's Wrath missions and got a Legendary Queen's Guard Mask. Yay?

Then, I did another Queen's Wrath mission and got another Legendary Queen's Guard Mask.


EDIT: Okay. My third Queen's Wrath mission gave me the Queen's Guard Vest. Phew.

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Sorry for your loss, Jeff. My condolences to you and your family.

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Congratulations, duder! That's a really awesome (yet super-gaudy) Xbox One. That controller's also a really nice color, but I'll admit that I prefer a matte finish on controllers to a glossy finish like that one has (less fingerprints and smudging, as well as a typically easier grip). But whatever, it's a free console!

I'm also really excited for Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes (2.0 Edition). I really enjoyed the first game and from what I've heard, the new one is a pretty good step forward in many ways.

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On a slightly related note, if you didn't get a chance to watch the GB PAX Prime 2014 panel yet, everybody's favorite lovable goof, John Vignocchi, announced at the panel that Ninja Theory would be helping out with some of the combat in Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes (2.0 Edition). They didn't really say to what extent they were helping out, but it was said that they were at least helping with the combat for the playable villains, as well as Princess Jasmine. That news kind of came out of nowhere, but it's an interesting addition to both Disney Infinity and Ninja Theory's repertoire.

Personally, I like Ninja Theory. I didn't play Heavenly Sword, but I thought Enslaved and DMC were pretty good games. Flawed, for sure, but they were certainly interesting and unique with a kind of ridiculous, grungy flair and style that they fully committed to. I'm a fan of weird B-tier games, and Ninja Theory's games have always seemed to fall into that category.

I also don't remember what the last big AAA character action games were besides the God of War games. Honestly, I don't know if I really consider anything that Platinum has developed to be a AAA game, per se (despite the Metal Gear nomenclature on Revengeance). The original Devil May Cry games, perhaps, or the Ninja Gaiden games? Most of the recent character action games within the past couple years have more or less been unceremoniously dumped into the quiet late-winter/early-spring months without very much in terms of marketing or promotion. So I don't really know what a "AAA character action game" is anymore.

And I remember Kung Fu Chaos. I remember it being pretty decent and amusing, at least from the demo.

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Happy Birthday, Sir Davis! I hope it is always Summer Jammin' over where you are in the Great Beyond. Thank you for everything.

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I'm rooting for you, Vinny. You're certainly a brave man to go back home after all the terrible things we've heard about New York in the past few weeks. Surely, absolutely all of that was completely and utterly true.

Godspeed and good luck, Mr. Caravella.

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That's pretty awesome. I miss Ryan.