Dynasty Warrior Characters I Like to Play

Wow, those portraits are pretty different from the stuff I'm used to. Anyway, although I haven't played a DW game in a while, we're playing our copy of 4, unlocking all kinds of stuff, so I thought I might lay down a list of the characters I tend to play.

As you can see, I think swords are boring. If they have a weird weapon I tend give them a lot more attention.

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Posted by Make_Me_Mad

Cao Ren is probably my favorite Dynasty Warriors character.  His redesign for seven is awesome.  He's like a big wall of armor!  Love it.

Looking at some of your choices, I'm a little surprised Meng Huo didn't make the list.  He's a fun guy, and his weapons are pretty cool.  And you're right, swords are boring.

Posted by ahoodedfigure
@Make_Me_Mad:  Well, I hadn't played Meng Huo when I set this list up, but we managed to unlock him and his Amazon wife this weekend and I had an absolute BLAST playing him. His charge attack is might be considered to be but I don't care, it's great!  I can chase people down, get out of problematic tangles, or charge back and forth and just destroy large groups of troops with a minimal risk of getting hit.

I think what makes swords more interesting is having the techniques vary, but I've heard in various versions of the game they actually make sword techniques similar, which would absolutely kill swords for me. The only time a sword wielder is interesting is when THEY are interesting, but a lot of sword users blend together for me (or are the main characters, who I don't find as interesting as the subordinates).
Posted by Make_Me_Mad
Dynasty Warriors 7 does make all the swords pretty similar, since movesets for the weapons don't vary between characters that much.  The EX-combos for signature weapons do go a long way towards making all the sword users feel a little more unique.

Luckily, you can have two weapons per character, and if you don't want Cao Cao to be using a sword for the hundredth time, you can slap a pair of Meng Huo's gloves on him and take Liu Bei down WWE style.  Tired of Sun Quan getting stuck with a sword while all his relatives get something way cooler?  Slap an arm cannon on him and call it a day.  Good times, and I think it would help alleviate some of that annoyance towards the more boring characters.

No character is boring when they're using a set of five flying swords.
Posted by ahoodedfigure
@Make_Me_Mad:  But characters can't use those alt weapons as well as their EX weapon though, right?

I still feel like there's a DW formula out there that will bring it all home. Sometimes it feels like they're trying to do too much at once :)

That bomb cannon, does it shoot like, old-timie grenades with wicks or what? I was surprised to see that in a preview video. Seem a bit more iron-punk than they usually went, even with all those siege weapon things.
Posted by Make_Me_Mad
Since you can carry two weapons on you at a time - and you can switch those two out for any weapon you own on the fly, even in the middle of a battle- you have access to pretty much any weapon you want at any time.  I like to keep that character's default EX weapon and one secondary on hand.

The arm cannon is hilariously anachronistic, but I feel like it fits with the design decisions they made in 7.  There's a more fantasy-style approach to the characters and aesthetics of the game, probably best exemplified with Red Hare now literally having a mane and tail that glows and gives off fire.  At the same time the events in the game, the story elements, are all more faithful to the Romance of the Three Kingdoms than any of the previous games, so it's an odd juxtaposition, but I think it works.

And the arm cannon happens to be a minigun/cannon/tonfa with a bayonet attachment.  It's great.