Games which trigger my rage gene

With everyone a bit weary over the mindless, screaming debates of late, I thought I'd commemorate a bit of my personal gaming rage in a short list of games that make me go a bit crazy.

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Posted by Habast

Great list, and I agree on Super Mario Bros. especially. I love them, but nothing gets me shouting abuse at the television like a good ol' Mario Bros. game.

I'll have to defend KOTOR II here, as Obsidian was very rushed in it's development by Lucas Arts and had to rush the ending quite a bit. And they were denied a patch to restore the cut content. I've looked over what they had wanted to do with it, and it would have been a much more satifying ending to be sure. Lucas Arts is just silly sometimes. But, oh well. What are you gonna do?

Posted by ahoodedfigure

@Habast: I know the story behind it, but when I view it as a product in itself I can't help but have that reaction. It's too bad they never got the chance to follow through on their vision.