Soul Calibur characters I like, or play frequently

Started playing Soul Calibur II when we had a guest over, and got reacquainted with the game. Wanted to record some of my thoughts on the game by highlighting some of my favorite characters, both ones I play, and ones that look cool but don't happen to be in SC II, the version I own.

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Posted by LordAndrew

Link was pretty much the reason I bought Soul Calibur II. I didn't end up using him regularly, but he did play pretty nicely.

Posted by Astras

I went through a phase where I just played Kilik because I seemed to be able to own with him. On the Dreamcast and PS2 versions of the game that was basically my main, all I really did was play with others so I knew how to beat them. :P
Until I got SC on the 360, when it first came out I was near the top of the rankings for ages with Kilik then everyone started figuring out his moves, his problems is you can telegraph them quite easy as he is one of the easiest characters to play, the only thing you end up with on your side is that you can mix up the high and low and hope your apponent doesn't get lucky with a 50/50 guess of if you end the combo low or high.
Sophitia in the early games is just annoying to play against, she's just all around solid and so fast you have got to watch out for that low high combo and can just leave you afraid even to go near her.
Cervantes I thought was the strongest char in Soul edge but until the latest xbox title was underpowered as you can telegraph his teleporting and if you know which attack he finished with you could counter easily and devestate, in the new one he feels much better with the gun etc and they have got rid of alot of the meaningless combos which are easily read such as.. Swinging soul edge in front then dropping low with both blades.
Yep the raphael spam can be done by anyone really (Not saying your wife is crap :P) I loved the way some of my mates used to go crazy on the controller with him at me (Complete button mash), win and then get all smug.. hehe, good times! In the new versions it seems like he's been a tad better balanced than he was in SC2
I could never get into the pace of the big hitters like Asteroth and Rock, they just seemed too slow and cumbersome although I have played some absolute legends playing with them online. Siegfried and Knightmare although big hitters were much more agile.

Posted by Habast

Yes, Raphael is great. Even without the spamming. He has some pretty intricate moves that I wish hadn't been removed in later games... 
In any case, good list. :) 
Also, lol at Astras' Raphael comment. I used to do that to my friend all the time XD