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Whoa, best of luck Vinny and Alex in establishing Giant Bomb NY!

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Thanks for the update Rorie.

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Hi Patrick! Congrats on joining the Giant Bomb team.

I like the idea of a weekly news roundup. Perhaps using that virtual news studio set that you were testing once. One thing that I would like to see more of is posting major news related podcasts or videos (like the video talking about the Duke Nukem situation or the Bizzare Creations closure).

For everyday news text would be more than appropriate. Although the frontpage is already pretty cramped. For example when Jeff posted all the Captivate 2011 info he filled up the entire featured stories section (and even then some stuff wasn't on the frontpage). Since News used to go into that section it might push content down that you might have wanted us to see. Maybe a News Ticker (similar to the Blog Updates, Status Updates) with links to the News tab might be best.

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Thanks for all the hints everyone, was able to finish up the couple I couldn't figure out on my own.

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Thanks for all the hints, got stuck on the items quest for a bit.

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That was an interesting look. Thanks Drew.

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Interesting idea for a quest line, but seems too tricky for me.

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Cool at some pre-order bonuses. The last God of War on PSP was really good (if a bit short). If it helps fill in some more holes in the overall plot (which is what they're promising) I'm sold.

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KInda disappointed there's no pricing information yet.

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Goldeneye was one of the essential console shooters back in the day.  Besides being a fun shooting game, it showed that licensed games (probably still the best use of the Bond license in my opinion) could work.  Released on the Nintendo 64, it helped define what a shooting experience for a console game would be. Generous autoaim, hidden secrets, tons of characters and 11 stages were larger and more ambitious than most PC FPS games at the time.
Sure, today it has a very unstable frame rate and looks as blocky as hell but damn if it wasn't fun to get your friends together and have a shootout in the Facility.  We used to play for hours after school until the late hours of the night trying to get that every elusive Body Armor or Golden Gun. Once we played with 1 hit kills, and to this day my friend figured out the timing on explosions and can proclaim, "I can walk through fire! Hell yeah!" before killing us with his pistol.
To this day, people ask for an updated port of Goldeneye and while it appears to be stuck in legal limbo at least its spiritual successor Perfect Dark has been re-released along with all the Goldeneye remake maps. And while it features all the modern bells and whistles like Live support and 60 fps, there's something about the days when my friends all got together and we'd sit on the couch and play for hours.
The good folks at CollegeHumor pay tribute to this game in one of their latest videos:
Now if you pardon me I need to reverse spin myself up into the air ducts of Facility.