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@luck702 said:

@jesus_phish said:

I believe he (Mike) worked with another developer on this game? If that's true, then that's who I feel bad for in this situation. Valve were in the right to remove this guys game after he did what he did. Looking at the timeline of tweets as well he went from the game releasing to meltdown in less than one hour.

Anyway. This shows once again that Twitter is horrible for everyone. They should include some sort of plug in that forces you to solve complex equations if it picks up that you're about to say anything stupid.

What if Twitter recognized tweets written in caps-lock, Tweets with "I'm going... kill", and tweets with excessive profanity and required the user to wait 30 minutes before posting as well as a final confirmation.

When has caps-lock ever signaled positivity and understanding?


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While I disagree with a lot of Anita Sarkeesian's viewpoints, it's these death threats that are making me more and more ashamed to call myself a gamer.

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...why can't we just play games? Why do people have to get death threats, or have to take some sort of political side? Several games have rubbed me the wrong way, sure, but I don't want to be a part of anyone's agenda. I just want to play the games I like, and not play the games that don't appeal to me.

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I've never played EVE. I never want to play EVE. I don't freaking understand EVE.

But damnit, this article was FASCINATING! Great job, Patrick!

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Why do I find this incredibly hilarious?

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@clush said:

BUT! What's in the bag?

It was the diner's stolen medicine.

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I'm still in denial...GB is going to feel pretty empty without him.

RIP Ryan, you will be missed.

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I'm saddened by this. I wanted the XBone to die horribly and now some people will actually buy that box of crap.

If XBox died, Sony wouldn't have to compete nearly as hard, and they'd get lazy. I'm happy with this news, at least because it forces Sony to stay on their toes.

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No! It's not true! That's impossible!

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Never has this video been more appropriate...

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