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I've never played EVE. I never want to play EVE. I don't freaking understand EVE.

But damnit, this article was FASCINATING! Great job, Patrick!

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Why do I find this incredibly hilarious?

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@clush said:

BUT! What's in the bag?

It was the diner's stolen medicine.

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I'm still in denial...GB is going to feel pretty empty without him.

RIP Ryan, you will be missed.

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I'm saddened by this. I wanted the XBone to die horribly and now some people will actually buy that box of crap.

If XBox died, Sony wouldn't have to compete nearly as hard, and they'd get lazy. I'm happy with this news, at least because it forces Sony to stay on their toes.

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No! It's not true! That's impossible!

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Never has this video been more appropriate...

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Good points. Perhaps SimCity should be re-reviewed when (if) the online issues are fixed. I didn't even know that Polygon had changed their review (twice), but I think it's great that they kept the history of their reviews. But what I'm wondering is if reviews should even be done in the first place for an unreleased game that relies on the company's servers. The scores before the release I believe accurately reflect the game's potential, but the scores after the release accurately reflect the reality, at least today's reality. But if all of this is fixed next week, then the scores will once again be inaccurate.

Reviews are really weird the more and more I think about it.

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Just something I found interesting. The average review score on Metacritic for SimCity is dramatically different based on whether the review was posted before or after the review date. Before the game released, the average was 89. However, the scores posted after the release averaged 70 (as of today, March 8th). With this, I'm wondering if games which require an always-online connection should even be reviewed before they are released and the servers are truly tested. What do you guys think?

EDIT: Fixed my funky math on the scores.

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Sarcastic Gamer podcasts died pretty horribly.

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