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@david3cm: 2 archers, a mage and sword and shield. Bianca had a dragon slayer rune. The dragon can be taunted but I didn't find it that helpful since it uses wings to draw everyone in anyway. It flies around so much that range is essential. Lots of barriers, poison weapons on the archers. Cold damage. I only attacked the head.

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I just got some from the hinterlands dragon.

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@forcen said:

What about games that came out in the west in 2014 like Layton VS Phoenix Wright? :( Is it screwed because it came out in japan first in 2012?

Is this a bug or intentional? Hey @rorie and @edgework.

Same. Went to add this. Didn't realise the Japanese release was 2 years ago!

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This seems crazy to a lot of people in Europe. No part of this is sane.

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@2headedninja: Research, once complete, gives you bonuses against enemies. It also gives you a lot of influence early on. It also might give you experience, I don't remember.

@schnoo: You find them in the environment. Either in fixed loot chests, or like you explained a marking on the wall (only lit by the mage fire). You can buy some recipes but not many.

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@sackmanjones: It's not your fault, they don't explain it at all. At least, I didn't find it. Finding the agents and their requirements feels like luck as well.

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@sackmanjones: Agents are added under the Inquisition perks. They mostly count for reducing cooldowns for your advisors, but they also count as number of points in that tree (for the perks that require you to invest a certain number of points to unlock the more advanced perks).

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@probablytuna: You get so many. If you're doing all the side quests you can safely take all the missions that require power. There is a major story mission that takes 15 power, but you should have earned plenty by then.

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@sethphotopoulos: He was just the first darkspawn to develop free will. He started the blight in DAO by messing with an old god that would become the archdemon.

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@sethphotopoulos: Oh right. No, they just look a little bit similar. They're not really related though.