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There's a lot of discussion about the ending. Most people don't understand it and a there's plenty of confusion about who is who. I thought the same thing you did.

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The imprisoning just means he gets turned in to a crow and lives in a bird cage. He's no drain or burden on anyone. I was happy with that outcome, I wouldn't have been happy if it literally meant him in a cell. He is probably going to have one shitty life.

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I dislike them as well. Giantbomb is less click driven than a lot of sites, so I'm a little less cynical about it but Patrick says he is trying something different this week and will collect feedback on Friday. Let him know!

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I loved it as a visual novel, but I wish they wouldn't push the choice angle. Your actions do almost nothing, this isn't Mass Effect. Just keep the dialogue references to your choices and don't pretend you're shaping the story.

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@betterbuckleup: It's one of the rare, true free to play games. Unfortunately I love arena and it's all I want to play. I usually have enough gold but once or twice I get the urge.

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I don't feel good using my paypal account for arena runs, so I just use gold, but it's nice that I can give them some real money for some real content.

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I bought the first Saints Row for £50 in Woolworths. Bad move.

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I had played up to the final case, and wondered when they would release the complete version. So excited!

The first case in AA2 is better than the whole of the first game. I really didn't like AA1 all that much but 2 has some great cases. Case 3 is my favourite.