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I'm not going to pay 3 times as much as I would for an equivalent Android device and then just make it as close to Android as possible. That doesn't make any sense.

Wow, the vitriol there. Its not like the iPhone beat you as a child or anything. First off, where are you getting this 3x price from?

In his defence, that doesn't read as vitriol. It seems like a normally stated opinion.

For me, I got a new phone in February and when choosing between the iPhone 5s/5c and an Android phone I paid less than half the cost of a 5s for a Nexus 5 that offers a completely comparable feature set and user experience. So in my case it would have been twice the price of what many consider the best android phone for the 'latest' iphone of the time.

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Never assume free time is free time. The game throws situations at you that take away chunks of time with no choices so get the stuff you want done.

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@mortuss_zero said:

Echo chamber indeed...

That goes for Twitter, too. My twitter feed is nothing but a circle jerk about how awful everyone is.

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Seaford, England.

Not sure why it took me so long.

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The Last of Us remastered, probably. I've played so many I can't remember anything else though.

Edit: Just saw South Park. Hell yeah, I loved that.

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It's not like they pulled a bait and switch. It's more like people didn't readjust their expectations after the game was in their hands, because they were hoping it hadn't been a representative slice. Not every game is going to be Brutal Legend where a lot of the game isn't what you expected it was going to be and it's good/bad.

If you don't listen to marketing words and just watch gameplay footage you should know exactly what you're getting almost every time.

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The demo goes wide in 2 days. There is no need to trade anything.

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Premium content for subscribers. That's the best way to think about it, I guess. I too was confused/annoyed at the constant interchangeable use of the word.

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Three EU codes.

  • A05VN7L1115HLVP1
  • A05VJ1TJ30EFSR14
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The Thing developed by the Dead Space 1 team.