So.. yah.. Ryan.. about that...

Finally got around to listening to the podcast. I've been avoiding it, not quite sure why. Maybe I didn't want to put the finality on his death, like listening to the podcast would cement that he's gone. Maybe it was the fact that I still want this to be a hoax, that Ryan is pulling some amazing Kaufmanesque stunt, attempting to rival one of the greats of comedy. Hell, maybe I'm worried I will forget. I really really really don't want to forget him.

I don't have all the attatchments a lot of people do, I'm introverted, have 1 actual friend, unemployed, 32 year old "almost" college student (funds ran out) and here is a man who has done so many amazing things, who was a bright spot for me for so many years, gone, and I don't want to lose that yet.

I haven't stopped looking at twitter for 2 days, I keep checking to see what new Ryan moments are there, or what the family and friends have said, what the crew has said. These people mean so much to me and I've never met any of them. I don't understand the attachment I have but it's there, and it hurts. I've been reading all I can about him, others moments, how they felt about him, trying to keep his memory alive as long as I can. Hell, my saints row character now "IS" Ryan Davis, who I'm going to be taking into Saint's Row 4, cause I think he might have wanted it like that. Maybe it's a little creepy, or a little off, but I can't go more then an hour without breaking into tears again thinking about something wonderful from Giant Bomb, or from the crew with Ryan. I knew so much about him from all he shared on the cast, always so open about his life and what was going on. All the crew I get that feeling off, they let us in and invite us to their lives as we go about our own.

Maybe that's it, that I feel like I knew this amazing man Ryan Davis, but never got to meet him, even once. I feel that I've missed out on something amazing, something incredible, and now any chance to be a part of it is truly gone, out of my grasp. It scares me a bit, knowing how quickly or suddenly or unexpected this could happen. He's 2 years my senior, happy and living an amazing life, and poof, just gone.

I don't want to lose this bright spot in my life, as cliche as it sounds, I'd kill for the big red phone right now, being able to call up and talk... I missed my opportunity the first time, I don't want to miss it again. I'd love to meet the entire cast of the Bomb, at least once, if only in passing, to exchange greetings or tell them all how much they mean to me. I doubt it'll ever happen, considering distances, money and all of the above, but yah. One can hope can't he...

Anyways, maybe I can start to move on a bit now, Podcast is in the books, and it tore me up from start to finish, but I enjoyed it as well. It was well done, and I can hardly imagine their pain if mine is this bad right now. Much love to Giantbomb staff, Jeff, Brad, Patrick, Vinny, Rorie, Drew, Alex, Dave, You guys are amazing, thank you for this website, thank you for your time, and thank you for giving so much over the years. I hope to meet you all someday, so I can tell you in person, but for now all I can do is write this.

I have so much more to say, but I can't simply put it into words anymore without shedding more tears.

Thank you Ryan, for everything, already missing you.

(and even more so now that "What I got" Subline section of saints just hit)

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So yah, 30,000 points on live...

I know people have way over, but rather randomly my total fell on exactly 30,000 gamer score. Wasn't trying for it, and aparently it happened 4 days ago and I just noticed now. (REALLY don't pay much attention to achievements) It's funny, rather odd, but I'm unsure if i want to play anything and ruin it. Seeing all those zeros on my xbox is kind of amusing... Granted I don't have enough cash for a seperate profile on live so I'll end up breaking the perfect round number, but still... A little amusing side note, and kind of a bummer at the same time.. Phone capped for posterity at least.


Called it.. regeneating health on tanks...

Back when I first saw the big multiplayer reveal trailer from E3.. I said I was confused as the tanks seemed to regenerate, there was some argument with me saying that'd never happen and such.. Kotaku reports differenty >.>

And they are magic, because they're capable of doing something no actual tank has ever been capable of: healing themselves. Yes, in Battlefield 3 tanks (and any other armoured vehicle for that matter) can, if "lightly damaged", take cover away from enemy fire for a while and, if they don't get hit again, recover their health. Just like the infantry can.

Developers DICE say it's "our way of giving smart non-Engineers a fighting chance to keep his vehicle in the battle", but there'll be some—no doubt those waiting in line back at a spawn point for a tank to blow up—who will be less enthused.

No longer worry about asking a team mate for repairs! just go hide somewhere behind cover for a bit, it's all good.... -_-

It may only be repairs from "light damage" but it's still regenerating health, and blah to that I say.... blah...


So, I finally did it...

After watching the fiasco of the site going to paid and the uproar and not understanding what the other sites were about.. It took me this long to get off my ass, scrape together 50$'s and toss it towards the whiskey crew.  Subscriber or not, it's your choice, but after getting to know the crew a bit b watching them every day of the week, 50$'s is the least I could do to show my appreciation.  So here's to Brad, Ryan, Jeff, Vinny, Will, Norm, and all the others that make the shows incredible, and keep me coming back daily to see what's new.  Thanks. ^^


So.. the holiday is upon us..

Where did all the good titles go?   Black Ops.. good but burns out quickly..  Reach, much the same..  Still playing assasin's creed brotherhood, loving that, and then there's New Vegas, wich I own but am still waiting to play since the crushing save corrupting bug killed my latest 3 saves.  So what happened to all the block buster releases other then those?  Bah, Holiday season is just.. blah...