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In the last few years, I've started playing as a female in game that give you the option. I've not put very much thought as in to why, but it's not the butt thing. I don't treat my character as a puppet, I definitely embody her.

I grew up in a place with very rigid (maybe that's the wrong word, english is not my native language, especially when it comes to queer theory) gender norms. I never really felt that I fit into that version of the male role, and still don't feel like I do. So perhaps my choice to play as a woman is more about not playing as a man.

Then again, it's not just that I feel more comfortable playing as a woman, I actually LIKE it. I have a friend who recently came out as intergender, and that actually makes a lot of sense to me. Either way, it certainly feels like video games (Skyrim and Saints Row in particular) has allowed me to explore these issues from a more... well, internal point view I guess.

So, yeah. I guess that answers the question?

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My girlfriend will be flying to Thailand for a research conference at the end of the month. So not only will she be flying to a country where there is a military coup, she will probably flying a similar route. So yeah, not feeling super good at the moment.

Needless to say, this was a true tragedy.

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Mariehamn, Aland Islands, Finland

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The Dark Knight Rises.


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Drew is the new Vinny

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I love her games, but have yet to try UBT. I'll make sure to do it this weekend.

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Wow. That Super Metroid race was amazing.

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@darji said:

Morrowind is a game which has not aged very well especially in terms of combat So recreating the game with a more Skyrim style quality of Combat is just a dream come true for me since I just can not play the old game anymore because of its combat system. So naturally I am very very excited for this mod to come out. In the video I posted you already can see how much work they put into this mod

Unless they use the magic system from Morrowind, I don't care.

The combat in all Elder Scrolls game is mediocre at best. The beauty of of Morrowind is what magic let's you do outside of combat.