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Drew is the new Vinny

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I love her games, but have yet to try UBT. I'll make sure to do it this weekend.

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Wow. That Super Metroid race was amazing.

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@darji said:

Morrowind is a game which has not aged very well especially in terms of combat So recreating the game with a more Skyrim style quality of Combat is just a dream come true for me since I just can not play the old game anymore because of its combat system. So naturally I am very very excited for this mod to come out. In the video I posted you already can see how much work they put into this mod

Unless they use the magic system from Morrowind, I don't care.

The combat in all Elder Scrolls game is mediocre at best. The beauty of of Morrowind is what magic let's you do outside of combat.

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My friend dxtr is going there! I didn't ask him which games he would be running, but I'm assuming it will be Ducktales and Batman for the NES.

Anyway, he's super good and VERY handsome and you should all tune in.

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@darji said:

@almostswedish: I also think you are missing the main point that this comes from a woman who only hires females for her studio..... Where is the other perspective?

I am sorry But hiring a news guy s totally fine. Hiring a women, a black person, a transgender, a homosexual, a Jew or anything else just because you will see different view point is highly racist and sexist to me. To me people are all the same no matter their gender, Race or sexuality. Hiring people based on this would totally defeat this.

If they need a news person they should hire one no matter if he/she is white, black, Asian or whatever.

This is not about her studio. This is about the voice of the industry, and its lack of diversity and ability to speak about non-traditional issues in regards to video games.

And again, I don't particularly care who the person behind the writing is as long at is good. You should hire writers who are capable of writing the kind of stuff you want them to write. But you should also consider that you might not be able to properly judge what actually is good writing when it comes to certain topics.

For example, about a week ago, Laurie Penny (a very well known white feminist) wrote a piece about the problems of racism within the feminist movement. However, the backlash from. non-white feminists was HUGE! You see, as accomplished a writer as Penny is, and as thoughtful things as she has written about feminism in the past, she just didn't have the proper perspective to write that piece.

And to bring it back to games, listen to the latest episode of the Brainy Gamer podcast where Steve Gaynor (og Gone Home fame). He talks about how he tried as best he could to do the proper research required to write that story, to be very careful not to offend anyone.
As you know, Gone Home ha been one of the most praised game of the year. It's gotten great review scores, people love the story. But as it turns out, if you listen to the interview, he got critisized by the very people he was trying to portray. You see, as a white dude, he just wasn't able to do it properly, no matter how hard he tried.

Finally, since this is probably the last post I'll make in this thread (it's 1 a.m over here!), I'd just like to take the time to point out that Tomb Raider is a fucking terrible game.

Good night!

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@darji said:

@almostswedish: So you just want a woman, a homosexual, a transgender, a black person, an Asian, a Jew etc. for the Giantbomb crew for just for the sake of it?

Giantbomb is not the only site on the internet. And there are actually review sites that were made for these groups. Giantbomb is Giantbomb because of the harmony these people have and if later they will get new people on board they should not look for these people but rather people they can connect with. No matter their gender, race or sexuality.

I'm fine with Giant Bomb doing what Giant Bomb does. But even if that wasn't the case, I don't see how you can read what I wrote as hiring "for the sake of it". I said that thay lacked voices that can speak about games from a different perspective. Heck, they hired Patrick because he was a news guy, didn't they? Did they hire him just for the sake of having a news guy, or having some one who could write news?

Similarly, I think it is always benefical to have someone who is actually knowledgable about e.g. gender issues when writing about the subject. Now I'm not saying that there aren't white hetero cis-duders who aren't sensitive to those topics, but they are certainly few and far between.

And of course there are other sites on the internet. But the point (or at least one of the points) the article was trying to make was that Tomb Raider didn't get recognition for what it did. Now, the thing about recognition is that size matters. An Academy Award is more prestigious than some local film festival, they are talked about more widely and have a greater cultural impact. Similarly, by not recognizing Tomb Raiders achievement, larger sites are maintaining the status quo of video game criticism.

And here's the thing about the status quo; it is not neutral. You can't not not take a stance on these issues. And when all major sites take the same stance, that video games are all about fun and not about politics (when in truth, all cultural products are political in some sense), then we have a problem.

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I think she makes some excellent points. I know a lot of people, women in particular, who enjoyed Tomb Raider more for providing them with the oppurtunity of playing as an empowered woman. It should be celebrated, and picking GOTY is all about celebrating what gaming has had to offer.

Now, Giant Bomb has always had a very consumer focused approach when it comes to covering games. Jeff himself has said that ge thinks that his job is to try to help people save money by telling them with games are good and which games are bad. They are not (at least not to a large extent) interested in putting games in a larger cultural context.

So yeah, I think it's true that Giant Bomb lacks a voice that can speak about games from other points of view than "is this fun and/or dumb enough", even if Patrick tries to raise some of those point on occasion. But Giant Bomb also has never claimed to be anything else than that.

And even if the staff they decided to start applying actual cultural criticism to game review, could they do it? Like Wu says, they are a bunch of heterosexual white able cis-duders who have spent years and years of thinking about games in a very narrow way (and they have become pretty damn good at it). Who knows, but it's not unlikely that they would be terrible at it.

So instead of lamenting that the GB crew might be set in their ways, we should probably look for new voices, voices that have the background and experience that enable them to talk about other parts of game criticism. But it will take time for those voices to gain strength,and in the mean time, games like Tomb Raider might not get the recognition they deserve

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You are a top ten list