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Play Bomberman.

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Coincidentally, there was a duplicate of this thread, which I deleted because this is the one with the comments.

Don't you mean a clone?

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I was pretty deep down in a depression for a good while recently. Exercise definitely helped for me. In addition to feeling better physically, it gave me a sense of progression in the day to day life as I got stronger.

I also talked to my partner about it, and that was probably the biggest turning point. Depression is a heavy burden, and keeping it secret did not make it easier. If anyting I felt ashamed of myself. Talking to her about it changed that.

But that's just my experience. I've gotten the impression that these things can be very individual.

Take care, duder.

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Runners decades down the road will chase the sought after sub-18:10 run. And they will die fruitless in their pursuit with their last whisper being "But he paused early. 18:06 possible."

This is poetry.

As was the run. People don't appreciate how much work goes in to a run like this. He has put thousands of hours into becoming so good at this game. It's not about the world record. It's not even about the personal best. It's about, for lack of a better word, perfection. This run is the end product of months, years even, of playing, research and failed attempts due to small but devastating random elements. It's beautiful, because a community of people (Cosmo in particular, but also others) put their heart and soul into it.

Sure, they might discover some other glitch that breaks the game event further. But right now, this is as good as it gets, and it might well be as good as it ever will be.

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In the last few years, I've started playing as a female in game that give you the option. I've not put very much thought as in to why, but it's not the butt thing. I don't treat my character as a puppet, I definitely embody her.

I grew up in a place with very rigid (maybe that's the wrong word, english is not my native language, especially when it comes to queer theory) gender norms. I never really felt that I fit into that version of the male role, and still don't feel like I do. So perhaps my choice to play as a woman is more about not playing as a man.

Then again, it's not just that I feel more comfortable playing as a woman, I actually LIKE it. I have a friend who recently came out as intergender, and that actually makes a lot of sense to me. Either way, it certainly feels like video games (Skyrim and Saints Row in particular) has allowed me to explore these issues from a more... well, internal point view I guess.

So, yeah. I guess that answers the question?

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My girlfriend will be flying to Thailand for a research conference at the end of the month. So not only will she be flying to a country where there is a military coup, she will probably flying a similar route. So yeah, not feeling super good at the moment.

Needless to say, this was a true tragedy.

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Mariehamn, Aland Islands, Finland

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The Dark Knight Rises.


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Drew is the new Vinny