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How would you guys feel about teaming up and buying it as a gift to the mods for their excellent work the last few weeks? Obviously thay would have to compete to decide who gets to keep it at their place, say in a Nidhogg tournament?

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I think it has been properly debunked that removing anonimity would help. If anything, it makes it easier for bad people to find out who anyone they want to harass is.

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One of their achieved stretch goals were to make an interactive comic as a story recap, and there is a "Story Recap" on the main menu but it's disabled for whatever reason. I'm not sure what happened to it.

Strange. I will probably pick this up when all episodes have been released, so hopefully it will work then.

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I don't feel like replaying the old games. Is there enough of a recap that I don't need to?

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I don't get why more people don't watch this. I think it's a really good show, even if some of the people on it don't seem quite used to being on camera. Definitely more focused than anything GB puts out, and I think that's a good thing. I actually like it more than UPF for that reason.

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@carryboy said:

What are your feelings on cultural appreciation? as this is one for me that has left me totally bewildered.

I find this tricky as well. It's not really clear to me when something becomes cultural appropriation rather than just an influence. The most common explanation i've heard is that it is a matter of respect for the origin of whatever thing or practice that is under consideration. Yoga, for example, has its origins in easterns philosphy and religion. Why isn't yoga cultural appropriation? Is the kind of yoga that Dan has been talking about on the bombcast (where they rename the stances using terms from football) more offensive than other types of yoga? Or are both ok, since they both serve the same purpose?

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This is my new favorite thread.

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I loved the whole Eccleston/Tennant era of the show. While Smiths doctor is great, I don't like Moffat as a showrunner (I loved his epsiodes during the RTD era though). All his mysteries are centered around the doctor, and very predictable (in fact, I figured out the "twist" at the end of season 7 by the end of the first episode). Also his companions just have to be SO special, as opposed to during the RTD-era where they were regular, relatable people.

I still like the show though, and some episodes in the recent seasons have been fantastic. I havn't watched season 8 yet, but I hope the new doctor makes for some meaningful change.

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Good! I've seen multiple people claiming that Wu made it all up in order to get sympathy (of course, these claims are completely insande and fall apart under scrutiny), so I'm glad GB decided to take a stance!

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Paste gave it a 9.5