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So is the PC version on par with next-gen this time? I'd probably be more excited to try out PES but they decided to gimp the PC version so fuck em.

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Jesus fucking christ Square. Final Fantasy XV has been in development for about 8 years now. How can a game possibly take so long? I blame Nomura.

Especially after they showed it at E3 last year. I don't get it, I really don't. Why show the game again after such a long time and then have another year of NOTHING AT ALL. What are they doing?

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I'm nearly done with Wonderful 101 and I consider it to be one of the best games of last (this?) generation. Tropical Freeze is one of the best 2D platformers I've ever played and I really enjoyed what I've played of Windwaker HD so far (didn't play it when it first came out). Bayo 2 will be out soon, which is probably my most anticipated game at this point besides Witcher and Dragon Age. That being said it really depends on how much these games do for you. At this point I spent more time playing WiiU than PS4 and I got both consoles around the same time.

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I think this is an excellent post by Ariel Connor regarding the topic and you should read it if you're interested.

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I recently finished Kill la Kill and while I enjoyed it I also thought that it got a bit tiring towards the end. There is so much stuff going on and the power levels rise to such a level that it's hard for me to care anymore. Transformations, explosions, more transformations, space, it just was a bit much. I could have done without some of the costume design though I barely noticed it anymore by the end since everybody is naked anyway.

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Sorry AC you're between Bayo 2 and Inquisition now. Things won't work out between us.

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I feel like this thread about how an over-the-top police-based videogame may relate to some concerns about modern policing is lacking without this real video that used to be on the front page of the Doraville, GA police department's website.

Featuring the classic song, "Die Motherfucker Die!" by Dope.

Did you by any chance see the latest episode of the John Oliver show?

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@altairre: Is there anywhere I can watch or download a higher bitrate of the video. Youtube compression is killing me.

You can download a high quality version here (it's a 5 gig file) but the recording itself is a bit iffy with all the micro stuttering going on. Should help with the compression though.

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CD Projekt RED just released a new 35 minute long gameplay presentation that picks up after the griffon fight shown in the E3 demo and it's pretty awesome.

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Very nicely done. Kind of makes me want to try it out since I never played it. Gonna give your other videos a shot.