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The best there was, the best there is, the best there ever will be. Happy Birthday Jeff!

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I just don't understand the ideas behind this game. At all. Sacred 2 wasn't the greatest H&S but it was decent and colorful. This one has no loot and pretty much no character progression. They even crammed in dumb QTEs cause that's what you want in your fast paced ARPG combat right? Lastly this game is clearly designed (I don't even know if I want to use this word here) for consoles and the mouse and keyboard controls are super clunky. Do not buy this game neither on consoles nor on PC. Let the Sacred name die because at this point it's not worth shit anymore.

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It can be an annoying thing to deal with because it doesn't require much skill to do but it does require some knowledge to counter it and even then the fights aren't much fun. Another reason why Batgirl is so great in Injustice because she can punish spam easily with her teleport. Once you take away their main tool spammers don't know what to do and you can blow then up. Real keepaway is another thing entirely. While it also means playing lame the strategy doesn't only consist of move spamming. Those players actually know the game and characters and are able to create space in various ways. Projectile spam is one of the first things you have to be able to overcome in fighting games.

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@altairre: Huh, interesting. As in even crossing into other classes? Or more like the way things were in DA:O where every spell/skill for that class is available to learn?

The latter since the class is important for the story. It's just not like in DA2 anymore where each character had a special skill tree that more or less defined their role. So you could skill Sera to be a dual wielding rogue if I understood it correctly.

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I'm gonna go with the standard human male for my first playthrough. I like my dude to be up close and personal so mage is out of the question (though one of the mage classes seems to be more melee focused) and I don't like tanking so it's gonna be a stabby rogue with two blades for the extra uh uh uh uh effect. Dealing high damage via backstabs and sneak attacks is always satisfying. My party is more or less chosen as well. Cassandra can tank, Sera will be the ranged support and Vivienne the healer/elemental mage. I'm of course willing to swap if I don't like the personalities or if I like others better but this is how I'll go into it.

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If any class is maybe a little over-represented it's the Mage, as there's four of them! Though of course Mages are probably the most versatile class, and since Mages factor so heavily in the premise of the story, it makes sense that they'd want to insert a lot of opposing opinions into the Inquisition. One's a circle mage, one's an apostate, one's an abomination, and one hails from the Tevinter Imperium so, they all have very different backgrounds and ideologies no doubt.

I believe Cole is a rogue actually. Of the stabby variety.

Wait, really?... So you're right! That's weird, considering he's also like a... spirit or abomination or something. Cool, good to know. I think I'm already envisioning my party anywhoo, with me as a dwarven tank, Sera, Cole, and whichever of the mages specialises in healing. Probably Solas if I had to make a guess.

I believe they said that everybody can be everything and the characters aren't as tied to a certain role as they were in the previous games.

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now we just need Bioshock Infinite Remastered so they can go toe to toe for backlashed-against games of 2013!!!!

Infinite wins this contest handily. I'm actually surprised how little backlash LoU has gotten since that seems to happen to most high rated games these days.

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This is true for most action movies though and if you manage to make the characters compelling enough or throw in a few interesting twists (like in Winter Soldier) then it doesn't really matter to me. I have greatly enjoyed all of the Marvel movies despite the fact that I don't read comics at all. I tend to find most big action movies disappointing (Star Trek or The Hobbit) or just outright boring/terrible (Transformers, White House Down, Pompeii, Jack Ryan etc.). Marvel movies are just a lot of fun. Are they especially sophisticated? No they're not.They pretty much follow basic structures of storytelling and yet The Avengers is one of my favorite action movies of all time. The casting is near flawless, the humour hits a lot more often than it misses and most of the action scenes are great to look at. In addition Marvel manages to make each movie feel different at least that's what I've found. They're not all great but the consistency of quality is impressive to me. I understand they're not for everyone and I do share the concerns about how many movies are already planned and confirmed but as long as they entertain me as well as they have so far I'm going to keep watching them.

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It makes me laugh to see these Marvel superhero movies praised by the same audiences who you just know sneer at the Transformers series. It's the same boring, market-honed trash, almost equally dull and predictable, helped just a bit by the extra effort they put into the writing and production. As long as it doesn't have Michael Bay's name on it.

See the difference is that I enjoy the Marvel movies but can't stand the last Transformers movies. I actually fell asleep during Transformers 3 and have no intention to see the fourth one. Guardians of the Galaxy sits at 25 postive reviews at the moment but I guess those people have no idea what they're talking about.

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I'll side with him and introduce my own argument of intellectual laziness. It's less people seriously weighing the work, its potential merits and faults after having thoroughly experienced and thought about it, and more people going with the bandwagon of "let's make fun of this bad thing." We see it everywhere.

To be fair there are worse things to make fun of. I haven't read the book but it's not for me and I personally am satisfied leave it at that. Twighlight though now that's a thing I've seen and read enough of to know that it's terrible and has kind of a gross way to depict certain characters. Still, bandwagoning happens everywhere and in both directions, it's the same garbage when people trash reviews of something they haven't even played.

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I'd listen to that audiobook.