Do leaked pirate copies of big games make a mockery of embargos?

So the two big games of the month - Portal 2 and MK - both got leaked already.    However, with embargos, you get the situation where the press can't talk about the game until next week  - and people like Ryan have to fly to Valve in person to play the game early - yet any spotty kid with internet and a burner can play the full game right now.

Nothing new - seems to always happen and once the game goes for duplication and is in the hands of minimum wage workers it is almost inevitable.  I can't really see any way for the publishers to prevent it.  I do think the sensible thing to do though would be to cancel any embargo once the game gets leaked.  I mean who do you want disseminating information on your new title?  The big game sites or some kid running a live stream from his bedroom?


GiantBomb currently has the lowest review score on Metacritic

 ... because they stubbornly try to convert a 5 star scale in to a percentage for aggregation.
It is okay to say "who cares about metacritic?"  The problem is that a lot of publishers do and if GB cause Halo's ranking to fall (so many 100% mean it likely will not) then people are not going to get their bonuses or hit their silly targets and GB could be discriminated against in the future - through no fault of their own.  I mean Halo is Halo and has bullet proof sales but metacritic has been named as the reason for sequels being cancelled before and they need to take responsibility for the stupid regard they are held in by sections of the industry.
For Attention of John Davison (new VP from Programming on Gamespot, Metacritic and GameFAQS).
I know you have been critical of Metacritic in the past e.g. how they convert 1up/EGMs letter grades in to percentages, so please consider a better way of doing things.