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Man of Steel: 85.8 million

Monsters University: 70.2 million

World War Z: 55.8 million

Total: 211.8 million

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For some reason, I hella wanted Nintendo to buy them.

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Never played any Darksiders games. Should fix that.

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Gonna go see Django today. Very excited. I thought Cabin in the Woods was pretty good, but kinda overrated. I really liked Fran Kranz's performance, however. Yeah, The Avengers was pretty phenomenal -- nothing more to be said.

I really have to see Moonrise Kingdom...

Also need to see The Master. I hear it's a love/hate thing?

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lol awesome. rockstar humor is highly underrated. very poignant.

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@project343: so i assume that if your favorite band totally ditched their style and made a 15 track long compilation of radio singles, youd be totally fine with that? hey, theyre just trying to make money, as you just stated.

what a ludicrous thing to say. i dont want every video game dev to think of me and cater to my niche tastes as several of you have naively suggested. i want them to stay true to their original vision and not stray so far off the path and make bullshit, homogenized action titles. mass effect is suffering the same fate as dead space. all originality, gone. homogenized action shooter with hollywood style cutscenes, in. what a steaming load of spunk.

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ugh everyone sounds like an ignorant republican.

im done with this thread. why the fuck did i even make it? internetz

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people really seem to hate me for having an opinion. you know, there are certain games that an individual can tell he wont like just by watching gameplay and hearing advice from other people. please stop being self-righteous assholes and pretend that everyone should play a game before forming judgment. just like a movie: if i see a trailer for Barbie's magical kingdom, Im not gonna fucking want to watch it!

what's that, I should watch it first before forming an opinion?

WHO would make that argument? It's just not for me! i do not like shit like that, just like i do not like blockbuster, streamlined video games!

and to the people complaining that oh, theyre just trying to make money and thats what the entertainment industry is for.... what the fuck is wrong with you guys? seriously? i assume you think the music industry and hollywood can be as shitty as you like, as long theyre making money itll all be fine by you! rethink your juvenile argument. youve become slave to the entertainment industry if that's what you really think.

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@Terramagi: lol. i wouldnt want that.

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@WilliamHenry said:

@Amaru25 said:

And you have proof of this how? Whose to say that the series didn't evolve how they envisioned it would? They're a business. Their job is to make money. I don't think anything Bioware ever did was because they are greedy. From the looks of it, if ME2 didn't sell better, there is a good chance EA would have shut them down. Its easy to be on your high horse and bitch that they didn't make a game that appealed to their original niche audience when you're not the one whose livelihood depends on how the game sells. The people who made those games have families to support. They can't pay their bills with artistic integrity. Think about someone other than yourself. You don't have to like the direction they took the Mass Effect series, but stop being a selfish, spoiled brat who uses the cliched excuse of greed for why something they like was changed to appeal to other people.

yeah you're also right. i should settle for something that i dont like. i should obviously conform to how the industry wants me to! it is so clear now! i'm so selfish for having preferences. ive been sooo stupid.

sarcasm aside, i think it is foolish to think companies, whose sole motive is to make money, like you just stated, dont change due to the influence of said money. if theyre gonna get paid more, then they will shed all principle they once held.