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#1 Posted by amena (16 posts) -

I've wasted quite a bit of money on games I will never play now. >.< Dammit.

#2 Posted by amena (16 posts) -

@Pr1mus: CONCEPT is the key word there. Beta games should never be priced.

I mean they're not going to give us the full game to try out are they? That's my question.

#3 Posted by amena (16 posts) -

Seems like it's just a thing of guessing though. =P It's not like they're going to give us a free copy so we see which games are good and suggest them.

#4 Posted by amena (16 posts) -

Only reason I want it to hurry is because my patience with Walking Dead is whining. I played the first episode in a friend's house... and episode 2 just currently came out. And I don't have it. I'm just trying to wait for the sale first...

Off topic but why does the "Game is currently unavailable" thing appears? It has always intrigued me. Isn't the game installed in my computer? >.<

#5 Posted by amena (16 posts) -

It HAS to be this week. I just have a feeling. And I'm good with feelings. xD

#6 Posted by amena (16 posts) -

I know. =(

But it is coming. Sooner or later.

#7 Posted by amena (16 posts) -

Steam hasn't been showing up searches at certain times and gets slow... That might only mean one thing.

#8 Posted by amena (16 posts) -

I already have all the Warhammer titles (and Company of Heroes for that matter) so I'm quite safe.

I might be ready for it now.

#9 Edited by amena (16 posts) -

I'm just waiting for it to be officially released. But I am curious if everyone is loving it too.

#10 Edited by amena (16 posts) -

Seems the paisas are having fun with you. =P

And Pepsiman... maybe you should let them have their fun.

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