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Hey, duders! The Giant Bomb Emporium accidentally doubled up my shirt order, and Rorie said I could do whatever I want with the extras.

I've decided to hold a contest to decide who gets the shirts! The rules are simple:

  • Draw some awesome Metal Gear Scanlon fanart and post it to this thread.
  • The community's opinion will be taken into account, but I get final say in picking the winner.
  • The shirts' designs are Blue Bombduders and Black VinnCo. Both are Medium sized regular t-shirts. There can be no substitutions.
  • The contest ends after 11:59 on Friday, September 26th. That gives you two weeks to get something lookin' real nice.
  • If you live outside the contiguous 48 United States, I may ask you to chip in a bit of money to cover any extra shipping costs. It'll be reasonable.

The shirts are brand new and still in the plastic they came in


I look forward to seeing what you guys can do!

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I've owned the game for over a year, and I used to hate it, but now I think I'm into it? I was on the I Love Mondays user video reel once. It was during the P4 Endurance Run. I talked about why I loved October and then interrupted myself with a fake a phone call. The P4 battle theme played, and I said something like "You're free this afternoon? Cool, let's go get some steak. We should kick it at your place afterwards." I really miss that old Sony Ericsson phone.

Edit: I forgot that the community responses weren't on I Love Mondays. Why can't I find more than one Question of the Week when I search videos? Did they all get dumped?

My favorite moment will always be the end of Jeff's Gal Gun segment where he broke down and Vinny/Drew slowly faded him out with a soulful guitar rendition of "Amazing Grace."

Also, I made the Giant Bomb symbol chat in PSO2. You don't get much more dedicated than that. The damn thing took forever to get right.

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Came back to answer it myself. I should have done my research first, sorry.

How did you notice this so quickly? I figured it would probably not be seen for a long time.

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I doubt it could be the same guy, but I'd be very interested in finding out.

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Thank you for being honest and transparent about this decision. I've felt that this was an issue that needed to be addressed for a while, and I'm glad you've decided to handle it this way.

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Saint's Row 3rd vs Asura's Wrath?!

You sick fuck.

How could I ever choose?

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Oh man, I've been waiting forever to use those Jeff "Burn with me!" gifs.

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@negativecero: Any sound file that would make an appropriate tone is fine! Mine are all just .mp3 or .wav files.