The Final Upgrade

I'm taking the plunge for this coming Christmas. I've just spent $150 to upgrade my old AthlonXP based system as far as it can possibly be upgraded. Well, perhaps not *as* far, but as far as it will have any impact on performance given the processor's very limited power by todays standards. I'm currently buying a couple gigs of memory off ebay to replace the mismatched 512+256mb sticks currently residing within, plus a Radeon HD 3850 AGP; possibly the last AGPcard ever. I figure for the price of these little upgrades, I can essentially have a whole new computer to gift away to my brother for Christmas this year. His aged rig can't even play the original Neverwinter Nights so well, and It'd be really awesome to be able to once again hook up to play some online RPGS with him.

But hey, this is as much for me as it is for him. I love building computers, and it will be nice to finally have this thing off my hands, to tell you the truth. It's been sitting in my room collecting dust since I bought this beast of a rig I'm currently typing from earlier this year.