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Tear in my eye reading about you and Ryan. You have been great here Patrick and I will miss you here! Keep it up and cant hope things always turn out the best for you!

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Well.. not what I thought it was going to be now. Heres hoping for Morpheus.

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Awesome. Dive Kick is the only game I've greenlighted. Feel good about that.

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Very cool.

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My favorite memories of Ryan off the top of my head is of course the Narc discussion on the podcast. I always go and listen to that on youtube along with the HOT 95 radio voices. And the Farming Simulator Quick Look where he named his character Pig Sticker and no Germans would play with him.

Ahhh.. Pig Sticker.

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Hmmmm... is currently under maintenance.

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Jusy got my first android and so happy to see this here. Thanks!!

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Was hoping for that truck driving game. That looks fun.

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Well, lets see if the free 5 star lunches go away. Hate to be fired but the corps still get their chef.