Essay on video games and the effects on youths

Hey guys, for one of my classes I chose to do an essay on Video Games and the Effects on Youths.

I will be against the idea that video game violence negatively effects youths. I think it is complete bullshit that these "researchers" can say that it is negative on youths and get away with it.

All the accounts of these kids killing people because of video games are fabricated to look like the kid was normal. Nope, they were not normal. First off, these kids had personality disorders in the first place, whether anti-social (sociopaths and psychopaths), bipolar, etc. These kids would have done this crap without video games.

Also, saying that video games cause people to be violent is saying that every single person is one step away from going on a murder spree. These people are saying that all someone needs is a trigger to make them commit acts of violence. I think we can safely say that humans have evolved past that.

Anyway, that's a short biased version of what I'll be doing. In the paper I'll obviously be doing much more and not having a biased rant in there.


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