Adventures in Morrowind: Journal Entry #2

20 Last Seed, 3E330

I departed from Seyda Neen at dawn. I decided to walk, instead of take a silt strider. I figured that I should face the dangers of Morrowind head-on instead of avoiding them. I came across a mine called “Ulummusa,” and snuck inside. I quietly moved through it, finding one bandit. I quietly killed her, and moved on. I quietly moved through a doorway when I was struck in the chest by a warhammer (I think I cracked a rib or two) and wielding it was a huge Nord. He was a formidable opponent, but he was slow. He kept swinging that giant hammer at me and I dodged side to side, and with one last swing, I rolled out of the way, bashed him in the face with my shield, and plunged my sword into his heart. He fell dead instantly. His name was Godrod Hairy-Breeks.

I found a silver bowl, with an inscription saying it belonged to “Armand Belvelle,” a hired bodyguard of the East Empire Company. I found a light healing potion and downed it, fixing up my wounds a bit, and left.

When I was back on the main road to Balmora I came upon a young woman named Maurrie Aurmine. She told me that a Dark-Elf named Nelos Onmar stole her jewels, and when I asked if she wanted them back, she said she didn’t care about the jewels. She wanted to meet this Dark-Elf again, she was in love. I was confused, but I told her I would find him. She gave me one of her white gloves to give to him and said he was in Pelagiad, a town I had just passed about an hour back.

I asked around town about the silver bowl and of Nelos Onmar. Mebestian Ence, a trader, told me that a woman named “Pierwette Belvelle” lived east of Pelagiad and across Lake Hairan, a while away, close to Vivec. I decided I would look if I ever headed that way.

I then asked him about Nelos Onmar. He told me that he is often seen at the Halfway Tavern in town. I thanked him, and left. Before I went to the tavern I did some trading and picked up a few new pieces of armor.

I found Nelos in the tavern and gave him the white glove. He admitted that he felt drawn toward her as well, and also felt remorse for robbing her. He gave me a note to give to her. I didn’t read it. I told him that in the morning I’d deliver the message.

I socialized in the tavern, even got drunk. I met a nice Khajit named Ahnassi, who was a member of the Thieves Guild. Ahnassi seemed obsessed with my friendship and asked if I would give it to her, or would she have to steal it. I laughed and told her that I would gladly be her friend. She then told me that her friend, Hrodis, had a “secret,” and also said that Hrodis serves Mehrunes Dagon. I was a bit taken aback by this. I tried to speak to Hrodis, but she was rude and told me to leave.

I then spoke with Ahnassi again, and she asked me to kill someone! Daren Adryn of the Cammona Tong. Ahnassi said that Adryn kept pressuring her to join the Cammona Tong or something (by this time I was very drunk). I remember that she said he would be in Gnaar Mok, in Nadene Rotheran’s shack. If I ever go there I’ll pay him a visit.

I booked a room and retired for the night.