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Tetris blocks, none of this tetrominoes nonsense please!

Nothing wrong with knowing the correct terminology for things. Also it improves your vocabulary!

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This game is (unintentionally) scary to me because I'm always really unsettled by enemies jittering around when they get stuck in geometry. It just looks unnatural and creepy to me.

The biggest scare I ever had in videogames was when I was exploring a giant scorpion den in Fallout: New Vegas. I killed some big alpha scorpion and the corpse fell through the ground. Then I turned a corner and saw the ungodly mangled corpse jittering and spazzing out like crazy. I turned the game off and didn't touch it for a few days.

I feel the exact same way! I hate the monsters in TES/Fallout titles because they always spaz out. The effect makes me physically ill sometimes. I'm guessing it's the same general concept as the twitching from Jacob's Ladder and the Silent Hill games.

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How can "repetitive gameplay" be an actual criticism of a small little indie turn based rpg like the first Costume Quest?

I mean....or course it's repetitive.

Because the battle system isn't nuanced, deep, or interesting enough to stave off the tedium. After about 20 minutes of this video, I had already grown tired of watching these fights play out, and it didn't feel like there was any progress being made or any meaningful rewards.

Compare that to the similarly styled (small, lighthearted jrpg-like) Child of Light, which featured a battle system that stayed fresh for much longer and constantly introduced new aspects of it.

Seriously, it's not impossible to make a jrpg-style combat system that's a joy to play, and most good titles in the genre pride themselves on it.

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@foxmulder: Wow... that's a lot more serious than I thought it was... That seems like more of an "I should call the police" instead of "I should make a rash decision on the internet" kind of situation... In fact, I think both Fish and Quinn should think about taking legal action in these cases.

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I'm... not entirely clear on what Patrick and Alex were referring to in their somber tone at the beginning of the podcast... I don't remember anything particularly vile happening on the internet this week and they dance around it so vaguely that it sounds like it could have been literally anything.

Someone mind bringing me up to speed?

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"They can afford to give her her own novel, but can't afford to animate her as a playable character?" is what I would be asking if I was in the habit of expressing obvious opinions...

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Since when do you guys cover imaginary video games?

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Your think has think.

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But... how much time does my time have exactly!? HOW MUCH TIME IS MY TIME!?