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@darji: I actually thought Micheal's missions and storyline were by far the best thing about V in the narrative (and gameplay) department.

Yeah me too. I really liked all his stuff. and his family was really awesome as well^^

I don't know. I find them dull. The character doesn't really seem interested in what he has to do, so why would I?

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@iron1c: You're probably right. But I bought this game, I would've at least liked to have finished it. You know what I mean? But if it must be so... I'll make it so. Or, continue to make it so.

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Okay, so I admit, I had my trepidations about coming into this game but I've played GTA since Three and they've been interesting, seemingly witty, and architecturally impressive. However, with GTAV I am at a point where I just cannot seem to advance. I find no excitement nor interest in the plot nor characters, which I feel are rather dull and boring; I find the controls lacking and watered down:driving, shooting, generally exploring, they are all rather lackluster; and all around, I find the setting to be exceedingly plastic. And yes, I can understand a certain irony in that last statement in regards to the game's location; however, I do not believe boredom is the desired outcome for such a vista.

The missions are doled out in a rather trite manner and there is so little focus on one, main, individual that most of the game appears to be a jumbled mess. Maybe I'm just not getting far enough along within the plot and am being swayed into doing too many extracurricular side missions, but I cannot seem to move myself into pursuing the storyline.

What am I missing from this game? Am I not playing it right? I find that rather egregious, considering it's a rather simplistically controlled game, but still, maybe I am not playing it, "right." Can someone try to sway me back into playing this, in my opinion, driveling game? Or am I stuck in the limbo of boredom and loss over what should have been a great experience for me?

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As someone who's listened to and followed the bomb crew since their days at Gamespot, this is truly a great loss. He was a voice in the dark landscape that was the video game industry. But more than that, Ryan was a voice that was there for me in a town where I felt like I was an alien. In the words of William Shakespeare, 'And yet, to times of hope, my verse shall stand, praising thy worth, despite his cruel hand.'

Rest in Peace, my friend.

-A Friend you never knew.

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Could you @rebgav: elaborate a little?

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This reminds me of something Creed would do from the "Office(USA)"

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This thread is so great. @LikeaSsur: This.

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@Nightriff: Totally Agree

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Oh man, Patrick is one of my favorite dudes on Giant Bomb. To hear this news is just heartbreaking. You and your father are in my thoughts, Patrick. Peace be with you.

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Short Answer: Buy.