Winter outside

It snowed the entire weekend. We have got 30 cm of snow right now. No where near the almost meter thick layer of last winter but it seems like we're getting there. Hopefully not though. These two winters have been quite unsusal so far. Well, I guess one has only to adapt.


Tired today

I ran a half marathon yesterday so I'm tired today. It was really hot but I managed to run through all 21 kilometers. What have you guys done that have made you physically very tired?



Sitting here looking through all of the games I bought but haven't played yet. I do need to take a vacation in order to play them all. It's mainly ps2 games but I also have some ps3 games as well. For example I didn't finish Dead Space due to an YLOD. I just couldn't bring myself to start over again but now ... well maybe. The same goes for GTA4. Maybe I'll do a list and post it here on GB :)


Browsing through the games list

Man, there are some strange games in the GiantBomb database. There are literary thousands of games I've never heard of.

I've been browsing through a part of the list so far and it is a trip down memory lane in a way. I've found some old games I played a lot back in the days. Boot Camp (or Combat School as it was named in Sweden), California Games, Skate or Die, Zaxxon, Deja Vu, Barbarian,  and so on. The content all of the users is submitting is just awesome.


First post

Ok, so I'm on GiantBomb as well. The feature were you can contribute to the content we all love, Video Game related stuff, is just great. It'll be fun on this site.