ApathyLad's App-athy Reviews!

Hey guys, I recently upgraded to the iPhone 5, and doing so has made it easier to mess around with a variety of iOS games, without having to deal with the painful load times I got with my iPhone 3GS. But, because I have a short attention span for cell phone games, I will write quick impressions of the many random apps I've bought on iTunes.

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Super Hexagon

In Super Hexagon, you move a small icon around a circular track and dodge incoming shapes. If you fail to do so, you lose. Unless you're really good, each game will probably last you under a minute. It sounds simple, but there's something oddly hypnotic about Super Hexagon. The game is very challenging, and a great soundtrack helps keep you engaged. Nevertheless, this doesn't seem like the kind of game I'd want to play in a crowd, because of the precision the game requires and the very small room for error. If you enjoy being challenged and reaching high scores, Super Hexagon will be up your alley.

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Mass Effect: Infiltrator

Mass Effect: Infiltrator stars a Cerberus agent named Randall Ezno, who is an even more boring-looking protagonist than the default Shepard. He turns against Cerberus when shady stuff is discovered, and you make your way through linear space station areas, killing enemies along the way. The controls aren't very comfortable, but you'll be in cover most of the time, so that evens out. There are a few mechanical choices that simplify things, such as your character automatically firing his weapon when you aim down the sights, as well as taking cover when near an appropriate location. One design choice I thought was cool was that the game encourages you to switch between different weapons to get more style points. You use these points on weapons, upgrades, and powers, or you can skip this system and add real money for these unlocks. But if you do the latter - you're a bad person.

One disappointing aspect was how forced the the moral choice system was. At various points in the game, you will run into a random NPC, Randall will point a gun at him or her, and you decide whether to let them go or fire. No context is provided in these encounters – they're just nameless characters you just bump into, with a couple exceptions.

Moe Cure Net

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Despite the look and the warning in the iTunes page, no this isn't eroge – but it is fairly ecchi. It had been awhile since I've played a visual novel, and VN's are one of the few genres that make sense on the platform. This is a pretty by the numbers dating sim. You're a high school student and can choose to romance one of the girls, but there really isn't any actual sex. From my one playthrough, you slowly learn more about the girl's personality, and are treated to some suggestive narration by the main character as he sits back and admires her figure. One thing I will say about it is that there is a good amount of high-quality voice acting, featuring actresses of various anime (Japanese, not dubs). I don't quite understand how it works, but it seems to require you to be on the internet to access the voice acting, though.

Moe Cure Net is pretty goofy and light-hearted, especially compared the GiantBomb community favorite - Katawa Shoujo, but hey, it was only $1. If you're interest in more Visual Novels on iOS, I'd recommend checking out some of the stuff Sakevisual puts out (such as Ripples – it's brief, but it's free).

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Another World (a.k.a. Out of This World)

I never played this game on any other system, and while I like the look of it, I can't get a grasp on the controls. The platforming isn't comfortable, and having to restart those tedious segments when I die isn't making me want to go back to it. It's also unfortunate that it doesn't use the full iPhone 5 screen, either, and I'm not sure it'll get that update in the future.

That about wraps it up for now, thanks for reading. If there's something in the App Store you consider interesting or worth a look, let me know.