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Thanks for all the great comments, guys! Look forward to seeing those of you who are coming back to Boston for PAX East next year! Now my wife and I are going to dodge these reporters and head out to grab a drink :)

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Yeah, we had barricades at the end of our street all day, but we were outside the main perimeter. A few times teams came through to sweep, but nothing quite as thorough as what they were doing in the main search area. Some guys in a humvee searched our yard, peeked in our garage, etc, but no one knocked on our door.

While it's pretty amazing that Suspect #2 got as far as he did, considering how chaotic the first shootout and prior events were, it's not totally crazy that he slipped through. It's totally bananas though to think back to yesterday and consider that he may have been hanging out bleeding in that boat at the end of my street all day.

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Did the police not search your house whilst the town was in lockdown? Based on the news and police radio scanner at the time, it seemed they were pretty much going door to door everywhere they thought he could be. Seems weird that they wouldn't have done that so close to where he later turned up. How far away are you from the site of the original shootout?

The street he was found on was just outside the perimeter the police set up and thought they had secured. The house where he was discovered was not part of the search, nor would most of that street have been.

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I've been feeling something today that I bet is a lot like "survivor guilt"... it's weird to feel so relieved and to want to celebrate with my friends and neighbors that we're okay, when this all started with such a terrible event, and when there are so many people in town that are still hurting and will be for a long time.

Glad you and your family are safe, unfortunately that was not the case for many others.

Horrible week, super stoked it's resolved and without further loss of life.

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Well, if any of you see a duder on TV in a Harvard hat with a wife and a baby, that's-a me.

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Thanks for the great comments! Holy crap has this been nuts. My wife and I just did like 15 interviews, for places all over the world.

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@slag: I'm hoping that the Brown v. ESA Supreme court decision with its free speech protection will provide enough of a bulwark against any legislative action, though who really knows these days. I still can't get why either party would support such legislation--Democrats are supposed to be interested in social liberties and freedom of choice, and republicans are supposed to be interested in protecting us from government overreach.

It's ludicrous to me that the same government that's willing to trust me with an assault rifle is worried I'll hurt someone by playing Call of Duty.

@Nicked: I'm not sure I follow my argument, either :) Perhaps my main point is that both sides of this "debate" are already so busy arguing that they've already forgotten to frame the language and questions properly, which leaves everyone talking nonsense at each other.

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Backwards compatibility would be a big step for me. Also, my friends and I have had such a good time playing multiplayer games on the Xbox, I think it would take some big changes to get us to all jump ship for the next console cycle. It's not much fun being the only one of your friends that has a particular system.

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Mark of the Ninja is my hands-down favorite for GOTY. It's not just the best of 2012, it's one of the best games I've ever played, period. It blew pretty much every AAA game I played this year out of the water. Next in line is the XCOM remake. Everything else is a distant third.

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What happened to the Mass Effect 2 user reviews? I noticed the link to mine from my profile page was broken; when I looked at the game page only four user reviews showed up: