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My real problem with the PC version was the online connection that was usually a little bit too laggy to play inferno difficulty with confidence, and made hardcore an impossibility. The console version has no such problems, no auction house, and better loot drops. It's a far superior product for my situation.

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I've played a fair amount of the pc and xbox versions, and no, you don't need to bother with the merchants to buy gear. Legendary and rare items seem to drop far more often than on the pc, and they've almost always go great stats geared to the class you're playing.

Playing on PC last year I got maybe 3 useful legendary items to drop in a few hundred hours, the xbox dropped about 10 in one normal difficulty playthrough.

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I need more football! That wasn't enough....

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I don't want to step on the op's toes, but given the amount of people that replied to this thread, if 9 people message me I'd be happy to start up a standard 10-team league for anyone that's new (or not) to the fantasy football experience.

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I'm up for whatever fantasy football is going down

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So long Ryan Davis. I never met you, but after all the time I spent listening to and watching content on GIantbomb, I feel like you were a friend.

Thanks for all the good times. You will be missed

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Bioshock infinite - "only" AU$69.99. I'm pretty sure I bought it cheaper new.

What a deal!

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For a minute I thought that someone was pretending to be Ryan Davis and then I realised it was actually him.

Nice to see him make an appearance on the best video games podcast currently available though. He's certainly coming up in the world.

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Recently I just stopped buying new games. Last year was almost solely spent on playing Skyrim, Diablo, and Borderlands, with a few sidetrips to other games. This year seems to be no different - I'm still playing Borderlands, and I'm planning on getting back into Skyrim again.

I want to play some new stuff, but I guess I've changed from wanting to play new games all the time to taking my time with games I already have. I took a look at the shelf of recently played games and realised I didn't really remember much about them, as I'd just rushed through them wanting to get to the new games. So I thought - what's the point of that? I could probably spend the whole of 2013 just playing games on my backlog and still enjoy it just as much playing all the new games.

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There's just something special about the first game you play in any particular genre. Thief 2 was one of those games for me. It was probably the only game I played for about a year, although I remember really only playing the first two-thirds of the game over and over again. The last mission was difficult. And it took forever.

I think I only finished the game once, but I played most of the early missions over and over again just to see how many different ways you could complete them.

The feeling of being able to approach an objective in multiple ways in a 3d space was something which never came back to me until I played FarCry 2. Even the stealth mechanics in subsequent games never felt as good as a firing 10 moss arrows onto a marble floor so you could walk across it without making a sound. Or stealing everything that wasn't nailed down.