Best games of 2010... that didn't actually come out in 2010.

I play old games. This much is sure. Even though I will no doubt make a list concerning my favorite games of this year, that actually came out this year, this list is just as important. Remember, these are games that I came to this year. Not games that I have been playing for years. Because then Heroes of Might and Magic III would win every single award every year. Oh yeah, and some of these games are blogged about and some aren't, and I try to keep games of the same series in the same block of text. Oh, and please take these with a grain of salt. I'm pretty bad at numbering things in any sort of specific order, and in the end I still think all of these games are great.
While I'm here, let me direct you to some of the other things I wrote this year, including a diatribe on the viability of character building options, a review of Alpha Protocol (spoiler: I don't like it), my three forays into the strange and dangerous world that is the DOS era, (part 1) (part 2) (part 3), and that one time where I said I thought Arcanum was ok, and then the part were I decided playing it was no longer worth my time.

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