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I enjoy Alex and wish to see more quick looks with his intelligence and pessimistic since of humor. Vinny is great too though I much prefer them doing the content together. Vinny is upbeat and seems to enjoy breaking the game he is playing. I feel Alex helps to keep him on task.

I wish they had better games to review/quick look threw. From the ones I have watched they seem to get the bottom of the barrel games.

On a side note: I think Hello Kitty Island adventures, would be great for them to make a video about.

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Reading this comment feed makes me want to go dig out my old copy of Bad Company 2. Man that was a great game.

Actually a few of these new releases coming out make me want to dust off and replay old favorites I have laying around.

@jackhole said:

You know what was a pretty good game? Battlefield (Bad Company) 2.

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All of seen about Android is that it is used for phone and Mobile devices. Is it built to handle the types of games I expect to play on a counsel? I like the idea of having a counsel being open to the modding community, counsels are built to ward away any types of changes made by the user, that is bigger then changing their wallpaper.

Though unless the new counsel is very easy to play around with (mod) or quickly forms a community of people making useful and fun additions to this- which might be the case, seeing the kick starter success it's getting- then it might provide a 'bad boy' alternative to the current market.

It be interesting to see how this plays out.

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It looks interesting, though I'm not going to be beating down old ladies using strollers at the Walmart when it comes out. I loved the Wii when it came out though that's before I started Gaming. Except for the hardware, I'm not interested in what they are offering.

The only reason I would be interested in the hardware is because it's different. I'm sure after a few hours I will be looking for a regular controller.

Yet again I'm not the audience they really want to impress. As this tech gets more and more advanced and starts to take over more and more areas of our lives, from health (WII Fit) to watching Media (Hulu and Netflix streaming services) we are going to have to find a new name for all of this. They are not trying to appeal to just Nintendo fans or Hardcore Gamers, they want Mom Dad and yes, even Grandma! I'm sure families will have a a ball with it. Dad can chase his children around with an expensive piece of technology instead of going outside and playing hide and go seek.

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You might as well play the first two games. It has been awhile since I touched them so I can't say if their worth your time or not. Though if you enjoyed the third one might be worth it to see where that game came from.

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My guess is it will be a-lot like the past two Call of Duty games. It would be nice to see another Black Ops. I sure loved playing that game.

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Nothing wrong with playing a great game, over and over. Once you bet it the first time and got a 100 percent of the achievements, doing it on the other systems should of been easier (you know where all the goodies are and your well practiced at beating the 'bad guys'). You probably replayed the game because you liked it, and replaying it brought you back to a familiar time and activity you like doing.

I played Red Dead Redemption to death, now I'm doing the same to Skyrim.

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So now if I want my money back all I need to do is complain I wasn't totally satisfied with something. Great PR Move by Amazon.

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I thought the same thing. I prefer a controller over keyboard and mouse, because of a physical disability, it's just easier. Though I found mind craft is slow enough, in your reaction time that I find keyboard and mouse the way to go. Your in the inventory enough that being able to select things with the mouse comes in handy.

This is a create game and the controls wont take away from the experience.

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Engineer, I thought Assault would be my favorite. Having a launcher comes in very handy when you have to deal with tanks.