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I'll be honest ,I'd stay out of the ocean because of sharks ,sting rays ,and just about any other creature that'd cause me bodily harm. If I ever get under water with a shark they're better be a cage between us

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I don't know what's worse ,the fact someone put in time to write a script for something that's clearly an abortion at best... or the fact they pitched this idea to a movie studio who didn't say no!

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Not sure if it's been mentioned yet ,but I like Shanoa from Castlevania: Order of Ecclasia and the recent Harmony of Despair. She dosen't say much and armed with powerful magic and superior combat skills she's a lady that's all business. Not to mention a killer back tatoo.

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I want to use all the characters as much as I can but for now I preffer Soma. I've been playing as him the most and I've gotten a good number of souls to use.

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This link should work
It's a wonderful thing what these guys are doing.

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Homosexuals are human beings plain and simple. They should have every right that straight couples do. Anyone who says other wise is a fuckin nazi.

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Seems to be that because of piracy [least that's the reason a lot of big companies blame] and stuff like DRM the concept of Local Area Network play is being phased out of a lot of new PC games like Starcraft 2. To me the idea of LAN means making a multiplayer game simple. You and your buddies hook yor PC's up each with your respective copy of a game and away you go simple as that. Of course now some see this as a thing of the past and that if you're playing locally or not ,ya gotta be online. Now while it's true that just about every PC in the world is online ,but belive it or not there are homes in the country that have a PC and no internet service. Course I'm glad I'm not one of them but still. But even games that have to be online like anything that's on Steam ,even those games have a LAN feature ,so long as you can sighn in ,you can find your friend's hosted game easy.
But my big question to all of you is like the title suggest really just how important do you think LAN play is?
 Is it a standard that should still be included?
Or is it merely a thing of the not so distant past?
Me personally I liked it simply because it made playing multiplayer simple and easy when four good buddies and myself would have a get together. So of course I think it should be in every multiplayer game.

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I currently own a LG Cosmos from Verizon

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I finished the quest! But I'm still willing to help anyone who needs followers

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I'm up for it.