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I doubt anyone will push for Destiny. Just because a game is addicting doesn't mean it's good. Brad will push for Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor because he loves it. Was it Jeff that played Wolfenstein? Someone will push for that because that was a surprise according to everyone. Maybe we'll see Far Cry 4 in there. I don't know what else though. Transistor?

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Your obsession with RE is unhealthy Yummy.

On topic, I will watch this later. Watching videos on a train takes forever. But I'm slightly interested in REmake for whatever reason.

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I don't give a poo about LOTR so I had no clue about anything going on in the game besides Talion and Celebrimbor looking for those evil dudes to kill. So I pretty much didn't care for the story at all. I had my fun chopping orcs heads off but when I got to the ending cutscene, all I could think was "This is a “we'll make a sequel if it sells well” ass ending" and I wouldn't mind a sequel. I think. Actually, I already got the platinum trophy for the game so I guess it's safe to say I'd definitely play a sequel

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There's a 50/50 chance that I'll like or hate this game. Only racing game I ever got super into was Burnout Paradise. I don't like sim racers (Gran Turismo) and other arcadey(?) ones like Dirt and Motorstorm but they keep touting this as a cross between sim and arcade so who knows if I'll end up liking it? I'll be trying out the PS+ version sooooo

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I had one bug where I was fighting some orcs and hit one while coming off the side of a ramp and was thrown like 50 feet in the air. It happened so fast though that I didn't see Talion in the air but I sure as hell saw my landing and I was not at the spot I was fighting at when I landed.

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You should take off Murasaki Baby from the downloads list since that came out last month.

Other then that, good list as usual. To bad I don't use my Vita anymore. I have some good games in there but I just never find the time to play it because PS4 and PS3 backlog. Plus, I hate playing games outside of home. So my Vita stays untouched. Besides the times my brother plays it.

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@theht: I know. I checked YouTube and then went onto my game and it's still locked. So I don't know. Either Sony wasn't offering it (which I'm sure they were) or something's up with PSN when it comes to pre-orders. I guess I'd have to re download it but I doubt it would change anything so fuck it.

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@basm321: Have you been able to use the Dark Ranger skin? I pre-ordered it on PSN also but I have no idea where that pre-order content is. If I even have it, that is. The content doesn't seem to show up in my library or anything.

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Same with me. I tried to redeem it on my PS4 but it says that I wrote it wrong or the codes been taken already. Both are impossible.

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I'm only writing down the ones I'm super excited for. I'm looking forward to a bunch of other games but I'm either not sure about them, need to know more, etc.

PlayStation 4:

Xbox One:

  • Sunset Overdrive
  • Quantum Break
  • Ori and the Blind Forest
  • Scalebound
  • Superhot (PS4?!)
  • Cuphead (PS4?!?!)
  • Inside (PS4?!?!?!)

PlayStation Vita:

I don't have an X1 so if I ever do get one, I will play those games I've listen. Unless those last 3 come to PS4. Them I'll play them there. As for PS4, I'll be playing everything that comes to PS+ (BOI Rebirth!) and probably every indie that comes out because I love my indies Also was excited for Shadow of Mordor when they first showed that Alpha footage and since the game has gotten great reviews, I pre-ordered it. So I'm playing the hell out of that when it unlocks on PSN Tuesday.