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I agree, I thought to myself the other day that I shouldn't bother making a GOTY list. There have been good games this year but nothing wowed me. I'll probably just end up throwing one together though just for the hell of it.

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Agreed. They take more arrows to kill then a leopard. Ridiculous! I have also seen an eagle grab a pig into the air and drop it. That was hilarious. Until it started to attack me.

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Yeah. Happened I think twice but it was like for a second and it wasn't bad. Other then that, it works completely fine.

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Hopefully it has good shooting because oh lord the shooting part of JC2 sucked. Otherwise, JC2 was plenty fun. Can't wait to stand on jets and do loopty loops around bridges again.

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@meatball: You want my PS4 code? I'm not going to use it.

Or not. It was in my trash box but now it's gone. I didn't empty it so I have no clue where it went. I'll check on my laptop later.

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I got into the first PS4 beta like a month or two ago. When I woke up today, I had another beta invite. I sent the email to my trash immediately so there's my impressions about the game.

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@oraknabo: Ohhhh. Yeah, I don't go on there. A couple years ago, it barely ever worked. Could never sign in or it would sign in and log right out so I stayed away from it. I assume it's actually functional now than?

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I won't cry. I won't cry. I wo.... HOLD ME!:'(

This sucks. That game looked so good back when it was announced. I was excited for it. God dammit Bethesda. They just love hurting me.

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I got a code too! I'd be super pumped to get into this but I have NO INTERNET AT THE MOMENT. *cries hysterically*

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@sterling: Where'd you get that info that it's new to the app and PS4? I use both a lot and have never seen that happen.

I have 40 platinums including Shadow of Mordor and have never seen that. Was that in the PS Store or PS App?