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Other. I only played Last Light and I really liked it but I felt it was lacking on PS3. How you ask? Graphics. It just never immersed me because the lighting, etc. I saw the game on YouTube being played on PC after I beat it on PS3 and was astonished with how great it looked. That stuff really makes a difference. As for 2033, I saw it on YouTube a couple years back and as much as I liked what the game was, I said I'd never want to play it. With how scarce ammo is in that game, monsters ate up ammo like nothing and it just looked to difficult. But hearing that they fixed the game up makes me want to play it now. I'm pretty excited to play Redux on PS4.

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@zevvion: NDNAKFODM!! Better off buying Prototype 2?! Have you played Second Son? If yes, why'd you play it if you don't like the series? Infamous is wayyyyy better then the Prototype games. Can't judge Crackdown because I never played it. But both those games feature characters that are supposed to be like Superman/Hulk kind of characters with throwing tanks, running up walls, gliding, jumping long distances, etc. Which to me is kind of generic. The Infamous games go for elemental sort of powers which is far more interesting IMO. But I'm a huge Infamous (& Sucker Punch) fanboy so I'll defend the game to the death.

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Well we now know who killed Paul.

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@xyzygy: We're getting 2 games for each system now as opposed to 1 PS4 game, 2-3 PS3 games and 2 Vita games. On top of that, us in NA will be getting all the monthly games on the first Tuesday of the month instead of waiting for 1-2 new games every Tuesday (This starts in July though+EU has had this for a long time).

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I'm guessing this will have some pretty awesome multiplayer. I'm thinking crazy Max Payne style with time adjustment powers, and bad ass vaulting and shotguns. I'm down.

Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnno. Remedy is more of a single player developer. Pretty sure that's where they'll stay forever and ever and ever an...

I'm excited to see the game. This & Sunset Overdrive make me want an X1. But MS would have to announce a third exclusive I'm interested in to make me get one. C'mon E3!

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I'm excited. Like I was for Xmas when I was a kid. Can't wait to see new games!

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I'll just say what I want to hear from developers:

  • I want to see what Giant Sparrow is working on. I loved The Unfinished Swan and they're making another game with Sony so I'm excited to see what it is. Hopefully it's a PS4 game.
  • Telltale is apparently working on a 5th unannounced game so I'd like to see that. Star Wars?! That'd be great.
  • thatgamecompanys new game. Journey was gorgeous and I liked flower (flOw sucks) so I want to see what they're working on next. Although I doubt we'll see anything.
  • To The Moon 2! I mean that won't be the name but a sequel to To The Moon. Game wrecked my poor heart and then ended with a cliffhangar. I want more!
  • New game from Queasy Games. Sound Shapes is one of my favorite indie/downloadable games so I'll eat up anything from Queasy now.
  • Mark of the Ninja (2?) on PS4. (First one is pretty damn good but I didn't finish it because I hate KB+M.)
  • New game from Subset games. Or just a port of FTL to Vita or PS4. Whichever. Well, I'd prefer the latter.

As for announced games, I'd like to hear more about Rime, Hyper Light Drifter, Everybody's Gone to the Rapture AND Routine announced for PS4.

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Same, good to know it's not just my PS4.