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The way they framed this whole Kickstarter is the real problem. This "prologue" business was half-baked from the start, speak nothing of the separate anime Kickstarter.

That outside funding came in only further exacerbated the busted structure of this campaign.

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As someone who has recently played King of Fighters 98 properly for the first time that game is really worth checking out. It doesn't avoid a lot of the problems most fighting games have about execution and practice and all that but it feels so goddamn sharp it's a delight to get your hands on even if just for a bit.

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@bacongames: While that outcome might seem ideal, you have to remember that the world we live in is the not a world that is fair or just. You need to take the wins this world can give you, and if that means Gawker goes down in flames and serves as a warning to the scumbags who want to invade people's private lives and vivisect it for public approval, then it's a fair trade in my eyes.

Actually I think the ideal scenario is more likely. The case has a good chance of falling through (thereby denying Hogan his ridiculous damages pay) and Gawker falls further down in people's minds anyway. If this somehow goes Hogan's way and Gawker goes down because of it, I won't lie and say that there isn't some good in that as well. However Gawker going down pulls a lot more down with it that doesn't deserve it whereas Hogan is the only one who would be affected if the case goes the other way.

I guess I'd rather things continue as they were but both sides lost out equally in reputation then people losing jobs and Hogan getting a lot of money he doesn't deserve.

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Nobody wins in this case. Hogan winning would be a victory for citizen privacy but it would simultaneously punish a lot of good people working at sister sites which had nothing to do with this, and give too much legal credit to a pathological liar and all around scumbag. If Gawker wins, then a sleazy gossip site will continue to post things like this against better judgement and ethics.


I'll take empowering a citizen's legal rights over a blogger's temporary unemployment any day. Bloggers like to think that they're untouchable right up until they get touched. This is Gawker's moment to feel the cosmic thunderclap of karma they've been racing toward for years. Hulkamania running wild all over Gawker is not just about Hogan's rights at this point, it's about Gawker facing accountability for all of the slander, hearsay, lies, and outright character assassination they've inflicted on people all over the world. There is nobody to feel sympathy for, because the bloggers who write for Gawker know exactly what they're doing and who they're doing it for.

Thinking about it, I'd probably amend my statement saying that Hogan winning might be a victory for citizen privacy. There's nothing to say this won't be an isolated case and forgotten in civil law and people go on as before on either side or that it won't lead to worse precedents down the line because lawyers can be shitty like that. Also let's not kid ourselves here about the amount of money Hogan wants out of this. Ideally he'd be charging just for the legal fees to take down the video and that's it. Characteristic of our litigious culture, he's asking way above that for an arbitrary amount that happens to put a big dent in the financial future of Gawker.

As for Gawker, it's a symptom of a larger invasive culture focused on celebrity lives that I would like to see go away, citizen privacy being one reason among others. The upshot being that even if people frothing at the mouth over the end of Gawker get theirs and it goes under, that's not going to do much or likely anything to chill the behavior of paparazzi and celebrity gossip magazines.

Personally I would much rather have both lose in a sense by having Hogan not get a dime out of this and Gawker put further under fire for the shit they pulled and people unrelated to the issue get to keep their jobs.

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Nobody wins in this case. Hogan winning might be a victory for citizen privacy but it would simultaneously punish a lot of good people working at sister sites which had nothing to do with this, and give too much legal credit to a pathological liar and all around scumbag. If Gawker wins, then a sleazy gossip site will continue to post things like this against better judgement and ethics.

Either way I think cases like these highlight a need for clearer ruling on the basis of public good on the distribution of material like this. I think someone here mentioned that someone being nude automatically doesn't make it more beneficial to the public more than the original description of the event. If that's the sticking point then we don't lose much as a press or a public if said individual wanted to keep that private.

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Just so people have some context, we've found goldilocks zone planets before but they've been closer because their stars were smaller/cooler. Kepler-452b is the first recorded exoplanet that orbits its sun's goldilocks zone and orbits a sun similar to ours.

What's really newsworthy to me about all this is how fast we're logging all these exoplanets. In just 6 months we added over 500 new exoplanet candidates to the catalog.

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Is the story that Troy Baker dug in his heels for retweeting a joke in poor taste on twitter? Unless we have reason to believe the tweets at him were malicious or otherwise constituted harassment, then what we're talking about is the reality of how overwhelming it is when contentious statements are made on social media and the internet reacts back. If you said a joke in poor taste with your friends, they may or may not call you out on it and then you laugh it off and admit that wasn't great and move on. But on the internet it stays there for people to react to into the thousands and potentially a lot more. Either way defending a crappy joke is disappointing but I would guess the "quitting twitter" part is as much to do with the volume of noise coming his way.

Again unless we can point to a pattern of comments constituting harassment and threats. Then that's also faulty and unwelcome but obviously hard to equate to the original act despite being related.

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@gaff said:

@mirado: Let's see... 2227 entrants for USF4, 1926 Sm4sh, 1869 Melee, MKX 1162, XRD 968, UMVC3 816, 458 T7, P4AU 437, 397 KI (according to SRK). I assume there is some overlap in there, so let's just look at Street Fighter: There would need to be 742 female entrants to hit 33%. I would call it an Everest?

I think it's more likely that a "good story" is a small start. A woman who gets into top 32 at a Regional, knocks a high profile player into the losers' bracket, and starts consistently beating players. Hopefully that'll happen sooner than later, with the older players starting to think about retirement.

I was going to bring up the point of entrant demographics data as well. Specifically that I don't think EVO collects entrant data beyond raw numbers and maybe names. It would have to be done with proper confidentiality protocol but a rough estimate could be achieved by looking at entrant names (should they exist) and assigning likely gender to given first names using name tables. There are a lot of problems with that approach but it might be the only way to get at a rough estimate with the information currently available.