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Who would I be if I didn't patronize GB fan goodness in kind? Count me in for grabbing a pack. Luckily for you I got some leftover PAX goodies of my own to hand you in exchange.

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I'm not going to put too much time and energy into thinking about Law & Order in 2015 but based on the reactions in this thread it seems like it's Law & Order up to it's old embarrassing tricks again. Also there's no poll option for "It's a Lockdown, Baby."

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Panel descriptions have been incomplete before for a variety of reasons. Basically all of Giant Bomb that can go is going to PAX East and that's all that you really need to know.

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If I was presented with the real stuff I might try it but the staff that passes for absinthe here in the US was hands down the worst drink I've ever had in my life. I had the sugar cube bullshit and everything and that thing tasted like putrid death and battery acid.

Oh god that was the worst. It was so bad it makes think Malort can't be any worse.

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I'd say 10 would be a better punishment. Not enough to ruin his life, but enough to strip away most of the the golden years of his youth.

This guy actually endangered people's lives on multiple occasions, not to mention the trauma he inflicted on people and their families. 10 years sounds reasonable to me, if not a bit more.

If he gets off with a lenient sentence, it won't teach him anything and will signal to others that they can get away with this type of thing with minimal repercussions. We need to start putting our foot down when it comes to swatting and other "pranks". When jokes become dangerous to other people is when they have gone too far. Enough is enough.

Edit: And yes, as posted above, this guy is not some one-off offender. He has swatted multiple people in multiple states while making it look like he was calling from their location. He knew what he was doing.

@cheebaking: Keep the dysfunctional society as far as removed as possible from the functional society. That's the whole idea of prison. Prison isn't a rehabilitation camp or some lecture hall. Parents of such people should have put effort into educating their children. Police and SWAT-teams should do more investigation into legitimacy of threats before moving into action. For example calling up the residents before swatting the house.

An example has to be made. Sucks for this dude but he wasn't a productive member of society to begin with so nothing of value is lost if he is rotting away in prison.

I just wanted to get ahead of comments, which includes more than these, that rightly or wrongly assume the efficacy of prison as effective criminal justice tools. As it turns out, the length of years can make little difference for offenders even though the general public assumes that increasing from 5 to 10, or 10 to 15 will do something. Likewise, setting an example, i.e. deterrence, is a shaky finding in criminology with respect to affecting others' criminality. Granted criminality comes in many forms and often concentrated criminality in specific areas are resilient to deterrence often because there's a lot more going on that produces that crime than a fear of doing wrong. Certainly among those who internalize middle-ish class values about education, society, and wrongdoing will be more affected by this and a young white man will probably be way more affected by a prison stint in this way than someone who came in for their third 1-3 on a drug and assault charge.

Even at a base level, prison is really inefficient as a crime correcting process if removal (the term used for pulling someone out of society) is all it does since they eventually come back and the quality of their stay is ultimately defined by whether they do another crime and how well they integrate into their respective communities. The ideal scenario is completely unrelated to length of stint but likelihood of doing anything like this again and even better understanding how someone got to this place.

Either way the example setting is more of us within these communities to say that we should be encouraging police to be taking this issue seriously rather than get encouraging an imperfect criminal justice system to have at it. In other words, we should be more careful about conflating a crime getting its due attention with a wholesale endorsement of how the system goes about prosecuting and punishing those people.

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I was thinking about this recently and whenever I pop in to check up on Scoops, he seems like he's doing a-okay. His articles feel like his articles, he's writing about stuff that interests him, and for all intents and purposes he's keeping up what he was able to do as an editor here. I still miss Scoops but letting him stretch his legs in writing for a while is probably a good move for him. That and he even hinted that nothing is forever and we've seen weirder shit happen in this business.

I look forward to hanging out with him again at PAX.

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What is "forward" and "backward" really? The entire history of colonialism is fraught with the misattribution of "forward" and "backward" with respect to society and peoples. All you can really say looking at history is "somewhere" and that's about it. At best if you want to say something moved forward, it's in specific breakthroughs in specific fields but even that is subject to the same meandering forces that guide society. The other lesson from history is that damn near every generation in recorded history in succession considers the young one to be problematic and the previous ones (or themselves) to be better off. Is all this an excuse not to get into the details and utility of making a better society?

Certainly not but to start from such a high and abstract level often invites too much consternation over that in and of itself rather than the underlying details. Consider how much political debate is driven by "more government" vs. "less government" at the expense of policy in detail.

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Eric Pope, be on the lookout.

Wait, I don't get this joke. Did Pope start rap beef with Death Row?

I'll let Eric Pope tell the story.

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I mean they're going to play 10 because that's what this whole thing was about but I don't need to see them do any more no. I think after three they've got as much out of this as they can get because even though the visual bumps would be nice, it would quickly get back to the same thing if they went in order.

At least there's some editorial value in doing 10 at launch and seeing what the jump would be from 3 to 10.

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Now this is a necro I can get behind. I'm sure Will would want it otherwise but oh well!