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First, yes, there are issues with the term and like "gamer" the best of us tend to use it for lack of a better term in stunted conversation.

So, what I want from it is for the profession to be more financially flush and able to support more people comfortably. It's really hard to get paid to do this for a living and anyone who does and is able to do what they want are the exception. Many try to split their work between the meaningful stuff and the stuff that is stunted but generates bigger hits but overall that would be less of an issue if the financial pressure was lessened. This applies whether we want more diverse opinions in the industry (because a lot of critical voices, disagree or not, can have a considerably harder time making a living from their work) or simply more people or growth in production or deeper articles or whatever.

It's an underlying factor that if improved should benefit everyone doing it and invite more to join.

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Sure, that makes sense. The few companies who could benefit from Twitch and in turn allow Twitch to grow are the ones which have extensive server and/or content delivery infrastructure. Amazon not only has both but as part of that has a vested interested in becoming a competitor in the streaming market.

I'd say it's a better home for Twitch because Amazon has more to gain and lose with Twitch than Google.

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I think Burns is right on in seeing that all "gamer" really means is "someone who buys games." The rest of the label is largely this vague thing that can connote anything from the outdated basement dweller stereotype, to being a super fan, to simply playing them at all semi-regularly, to the image of the Mountain Dew Doritos bro, to the desperately angry internet commenter who finds comfort in redressing the order of things one rant post at a time. It can essentially represent anything from the best to the worst of what it can mean to play games and a lot of it is a product of projection onto it from people who don't play games, people who market games, and people who play them.

Unfortunately I think the rest of Burns article is merely okay. Nothing that quite approaches as strong an observation as the first paragraph quoted here.

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I've come to accept Dan Ryckert for the harbinger of chaos that he is and enjoy it when there's someone there to balance him out but I'll always draw the line at deliberately getting a rise out of people on the internet. Any moment where he decides, "I'm going to write this because it's going to get people mad" is of little value to me and has always been disappointing to see.

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@corruptedevil said:

John Drake is my man (also I highly doubt Zoe Quinn will be there due to the current shitstorm)

Her twitter feed is a testament to her strength and willingness to put up with something that she or any nice person should never have to. She'll be there, because fuck if she's going to miss an opportunity to be with her friends and make a difference, however small, by speaking about her experiences on a stage like PAX. There's not an ounce of doubt in my mind about that.

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I rather don't see much cause to accuse Phil of anything other than being a victim of bullshit on the internet. The most anyone can accuse him of is a bit of controversy and a bit of pushiness on social media. Far from anything to deserve harassment on the level of doxing and some thin justification from the apparent party responsible. On a side note, part of what makes it this desperate and sad is the laughable claim that they are "the leader of and Anonymous." It's something I see consistently where doxers and hackers of this ilk attempt to leverage the mystique of the internet hack mob to make themselves seem more important. Sadly, their capability to harass and terrorize people's lives for their own amusement or moral satisfaction is all too real despite their over-reaching self-importance.

Concerning the announcement, all this might really mean is fully retracting himself as Phil Fish the dude what made Fez on the internet and complete the transition into Phil Fish the dude behind the scenes helping out other indie devs if the Polytron Partners thing is still happening. My guess is that despite this incident he'll make sure that keeps going.

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Need I remind you what John T. Drake is capable of?

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I'm actually curious how narrative mode affects the mechanics. Difficulty is ultimately a bit of a red herring if tedium and/or monotony is the real drag. Certainly that can also vary from player to player but built within the structure of the game is a cloud of obfuscation in front of the player that isn't about role play but execution. Gods Will Be Watching seemed more about solving the meta-puzzle of getting through the scenario, which might work against the player's interest to keep playing if they've failed once or twice and immediately see it as going through the motions to try different combinations just to get through.