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If what this person is saying is true, the problem is as much Ubisoft retroactively voiding the purchases rather than pursuing the services themselves. It would still be shitty to deny customers caught in the middle of bullishit international pricing and currency stuff that these sites seem to be a relatively newfound solution but this is kinda crazy.

Again, if this account is true. I have no reason to suspect otherwise but I'd be curious to see if this gets a proper write up somewhere and possibly official comment from Ubisoft.

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Sorry but we run the show around here now. You don't have to love it but you better learn to accept it. Somebody too sweet me.

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It's a stark reminder of how hard it is to do this video game thing and increasingly this is only one of many ways how and why something falls apart.

For people commenting on the game itself, the game looking the way it did is somewhat related I'm sure but worse fates have met more promising games and vice versa.

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Interesting, so it's a philosophical and ethics panel drawing from biosocial (as it would be termed in social sciences) research. This gives me hope that one day I'll be able to do something similar, pitching a panel from the intersection of social science research and games that I think people at PAX might want to see more about.

I think the panel should be great but it's perhaps a bit, as you point out, heavy in science in the description and certainly in the title. I wonder what that means for the audience who doesn't know to expect the full structure and content of the panel as it concerns more of an discussion of the scientific literature from a philosophical/ethicist base.

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I'm just gonna bump this up to get more eyeballs on it before the event happens in two days. Get a bookin' (Seattle area) people!

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Samantha Kalman, as many of you may know, has been a great guest and addition to the Giant Bomb extended family in 2014. Samantha's a main contender and rival to none other than the PAX Royal Rumble champ Alex "The Wolf" Navarro and villainous faction Team GFB. Outside the squared circle she stuck it out with Jason and crew for GB's Extra Life stream and naturally became a highlight of the show with things like guiding a freaked out Lisa Oestreicher through P.T. and climbing the harsh mountain of Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike to reach for the greatness of Evo Moment 37. On top of all that she's been a guest on Bombin' in the A.M. (*pours a bottle of Buckfast*) and the Bombcast and somehow finds the time to make cool video games like Sentris.

With a rap sheet like that, the GB community should also know about the rad event she runs in the Seattle area called Invisible Arcade. To hear her tell it, Invisible Arcade is a "recurring video game expo/concert mashup event" which involves equal parts hanging out with developers, playing their games, and enjoying the performance projected into the big wall using the games featured in the event.

It would be one thing to help Sam spread the word because I think she's cool (and lucky enough to call friend) but I was actually at the last Invisible Arcade the night PAX Prime 2014 wrapped up on September 1st. I can say without a doubt that being at Invisible Arcade was one of the best PAX-related things I've ever done. I got to play Memory of a Broken Dimension and talk games with the developer himself, vibe out to the psychedelic stylings of Nic Cage's face via Colin Northway and have drinks with folks like Harmonix legend Kasson Crooker, and Area5 cats Cesar Quintero and Matt Chandronait.

So I can say from first hand experience that it's a great time and if you're in the Seattle area and you like the sound of rad games, rad devs, rad people, and more Samantha Kalman doing rad stuff, then I highly recommend attending. It must be noted the event is 21+ since the event space features a bar (with affordable and tasty drinks!). Otherwise for the cheap cover charge it's a hell of a way to spend a Thursday night.

You can get details about the next event, including games, the event location, and tickets here.

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Let's face it, as soon as Patrick breaks another big story, we'll all be going "that's our boy!"

Also I don't doubt for a second that his solo stuff is going up on Giant Bomb Unarchived much like Greg Kasavin's or Dave and Ian's stuff. So he may be working for Kotaku as a day job but there's no taking the GB out of the boy once you take the boy out of GB.

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I'm Aaron Trites' PAX dumb fun understudy. There's no way I'm missing this show.

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Hey, if you want to dedicate yourself full time to reporting on video games, there are few places better than Kotaku. The crew there is solid and in retrospect I can recall a few moments where Patrick expressed a desire to stretch his legs more on writing and reporting. The only disappointment I feel about this is less to do with any reputation Kotaku may have and more to do with the fact that I came to know and love Scoops' contribution in podcasts and videos. So Patrick going back to writing articles full time is absolutely great for him and great for games reporting at large but I'll still miss him talking into microphones for a living on this website.

Honestly the only real flaw you could level at Kotaku, besides the weird structure inherent to the Gawker network, is the quality of comments there. We're far from perfect here, and you can see one or two examples of shitty drive by good riddance comments at Patrick's expense even in this thread, but I can't imagine the moderation at Kotaku is anywhere close to what it is here. I won't claim that they could if they tried either because that's a larger problem with sites of that nature and particularly traffic of that size but I can't help but feel like there's even less opportunity for what Patrick wanted to see out of a better internet community at Kotaku than here.

Then again, I'm sure Patrick knew what he was getting into when he took the job and like with any new job, he took the challenges whatever they are in stride. I don't expect any less from Patrick.

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I love this website.