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Wow, this was fantastic. Super well done! It's also fascinating to see so much of the PAX I didn't get to see because I was too busy doing my own thing. Certainly I recognize some stuff but seeing other stuff I don't recall is just great.

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@alishcra: I thought that for a while but then i realized the story behind all of the constructors. It is not just about these drivers. But the companies that employ them and design the cars. Having brilliant car design is what makes this sport a lot more to talk about rather than just drivers in the same car.

If you consider the idea that a lot of drivers could be doing about as well as Hamilton if they were in the same car, it's really there to promote rolling dynamics between seasons. Ultimately, car changes, regulations, teams, and mechanical innovations are the complement to driver ability that makes so each new season could mean a whole new set of stories or teams taking the dominance. Add to that the factor of ongoing improvements within a season which can make for shakeups. Also a lot of motorsport, particularly NASCAR and F1, are as much a competition between racing engineers and pit crews as it is the drivers.

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Counseling is DOPE. Especially if you find the format that works for you, it's a legitimately great way to sort yourself out as best you can with someone as qualified as can be. I will say that my counselor is who I needed to challenge me on my assumptions and stuff going on and when stuff was actively being thrown out or reconstruction, he or she can also be the person to prop you up in that process. If it's an option you can afford, I absolutely endorse it.

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I'll take 10 points for Force India. Just barely dropped down to third place, only three points behind Red Bull and two points ahead of Ferrari. Fingers crossed they can keep pace and not be squeezed out by Red Bull and Ferrari in the next few races.

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Shame Perez qualified 16 but here's hoping Hulkenberg can move up from 8th and make this interesting. Force India! Although I'd be lying if I wasn't rooting for Williams by way of Massa.

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Depends on what you want to do really. If you have the video card to push games above 1080, I don't see why not. Productivity wise is the only other argument I can see for going above 1080 but personally I don't have a use for going above 1080 whether gaming or productivity even though I have the hardware to push those resolutions. For me I use a 23-24" monitor and a 40" TV for controller games and stuff I don't need a sharp response time for. I'll eventually have to go for the switch over to a single monitor when I move out for grad school in a year and I'm personally leaning on a single 27" monitor at 1080p.

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This community may be weird about a bunch of things but we seem to consistently nail being supportive of our own in these kinds of personal matters. I'll chime in and say that it's always a good thing when people can better orient themselves to well, themselves.

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I don't care two shits about F1 but I like Danny and Drew. Should I listen to this thing?

Either three things will happen, you'll actually get into F1 as a result of this podcast (which I did), you'll enjoy it anyway and never watch a race, or you'll know it's not worth it and turn it off. Each episode is an hour, I say give the first a try and see what happens.

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I realize that the scenario is a bit different, but comparing this Q&A with the PAX panels makes a lot of the PAX panel questions so much more cringeworthy. The Q&As at PAX is still entertaining in a different way, but this was just really interesting all the way through.

Actually that goes for other panels at PAX actually. Most of the panels I've gone to at PAX are generally content specific and it's rare people ask dumb questions when it's not a general fan audience for a thing. For instance, even though it was Rich and Vinny at the Produced panel, everyone pretty much had a great question and it was on point to the topic. Since social issues are hard and inherently controversial, they're the only other type of panel where things can go a bit weird but overall it's mostly just been the Giant Bomb panel over the years that makes me dread Q&A.

I guess the positive spin is that in most other situations, Q&A is pretty decent if there's a topic focus or direction to the panel. If it's just a convening of fans, eh...

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Man, half that list is from like, GB meetups and mod dinners.

Only 4 lines from this list are from the mod dinner.

But it is true that PAX is not really about the games for me at this point.

Even if I wanted PAX to be about the games, which it is on rare occasion, I'm way too busy running around talking to people (and apparently making 5 words of the 100 happen :D) to have time for anything else.