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I'm actually curious how narrative mode affects the mechanics. Difficulty is ultimately a bit of a red herring if tedium and/or monotony is the real drag. Certainly that can also vary from player to player but built within the structure of the game is a cloud of obfuscation in front of the player that isn't about role play but execution. Gods Will Be Watching seemed more about solving the meta-puzzle of getting through the scenario, which might work against the player's interest to keep playing if they've failed once or twice and immediately see it as going through the motions to try different combinations just to get through.

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That means Gang Beasts will probably have GB and DF stuff in it. This is awesome news.

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Considering that Dan is the new blood and Drew is the only one who hasn't done something along these lines himself, it makes sense to have Dan and Drew do something. I don't think I could withstand Dan Ryckert for that long and especially with a series I'd prefer to play myself but I absolutely think it would be a great thing to do.

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I actually really appreciate these kind of UPFs when they come around. I don't think they should happen all the time but as a way to give some nods to games they passed over but never acknowledged otherwise I'll take it. That and it can make for some magical moments when they're digging real deep.

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I haven't read too deeply but this sounds like personal stuff that has little to concern us at best and at worst is misleading or untrue. Don't take it personally but I think this thread needs to go.

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That's fucking cool.

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I can't be the only one who thought of this right?

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It's a technique that can be both overdone and poorly executed but there's nothing inherent that requires it to be so. I think what's happened is horror as a genre has been around long enough that we've come to know rather well what "jump scare" means in the context of horror and so different people come to the term with their own definitions and react as they will. In practice though, there are moments that technically constitute as jumps scares but don't make you feel like "jump scares" in the pejorative sense would, coming back to the fact that I think it's really a matter of execution. There's a world of difference between giving credit to the moment in a game or movie afterwards and being really bitter it pulled a cheap trick. For the latter I always think of those bullshit YouTube videos of a nice and boring scene with a really loud noise and a grotesque face out of nowhere. That's bullshit and cheap because there's no follow through and now you just have to sit there after having been tricked but the sudden turn is absolutely a worthwhile tool to use to reinforce vulnerability and/or panic to the viewer or player in the context of something more meaningful.

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@marino: Thanks a bunch. I saw something about this naming scheme on the forums but I've integrated it into my schedule and now I should be all set. Since it's Seattle, I'm assuming it's a good idea to bring a small umbrella?