AR Cast 12-18-08: The Longcast

After taking a long break of no podcasting, we record one of our longest podcast sessions ever. We talk about retro gaming and hacking the wii to play roms, talk about Will Smith, Hottest Xbox 360 games of 09, touch a bit on sitcoms and movies, Playstation Home, Apple's last Macworld expo, Mike Tyson, the rise and fall and rise again of Britney Spears and other random topics.

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Live Cast Beta - I shot the Sheriff 11/13/08

Live Cast podcast shownotes:

Today we had a special guest on today (RIOT S GHOST) aka Adam's cousin,
we all discuss the new holiday gaming season, the 3 newest games
out: Gears 2, Fable 2, and Fallout 3, touch on CoD: WaW and
Mirror's Edge, and reminisce on our old gaming experiences.
This Live Cast was made and recorded over Xbox Live Chat and was a
strictly gaming episode, the tech news section was left out.
Stay tuned next week for the NEW NXE Live Cast, no longer will be Beta.
Add us, Adam is Badam118 and Randy is randman89 on Xbox Live.
If you want to join us, tour NXE & talk about games with us on our podcast
please contact me. Enjoy!

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Listen to it down here,now!

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AR Cast/Live Cast Beta 11/7/08 Two Camels & a Screwdriver

We talked about Gear of War 2, Burnout Paradise,Yahoo's begging & bad video for ipods.
Contact us & someday you can join us on our podcast.

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Live Cast Beta - Gaylo 10/23/08

I didn't have time to do show notes. This podcast was uploaded bit late. We made it friday. Heres the link to stream it: Adam_RandyLiveCastBeta-Gaylo102308/ LiveCastBetaGaylo102308_64kb.mp3 iTunes Link: Our Blog: Maybe you can join us on our podcast.

Or you can hear it here:
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