Live Cast Beta - 9/12/08 Slow Week

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Live Cast 9 12 08 Snow notes

second bill gates/Seinfeld commercial

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Revolutionary idea on Live Cast (its a podcast,formaly AR Cast)

I have a podcast called AR Cast and now it is called Live Cast because a new revolutionary idea I had. Listen to us to find out more. Well the podcast talks about video games, tech, funny things, & random things. This name change is the beginning of something great. All I am going to say here is this idea involves Xbox Live. Podcast are free so try us.


Google AR Cast to find us Live Cast or search in iTunes for AR Cast. (we will be changing the name in the feed in the future)
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I have a podcast - AR Cast

The podcast that I'm on is called AR Cast. We cover video games, news about video games, technology news & random things. Me and a friend made this podcast. You can download the latest podcast on iTunes by clicking this:

The newest one is AR Cast - 9 5 08 Black Cat

The show notes for AR Cast - 9 5 08 Black Cat
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