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It feels like it can be all over the place but I've mostly been having a good time with it. I did 3 players with some friends. I'm in NY and the other two were in Japan and Utah. There was a bit of input lag but totally playable. I'm pretty happy with it especially knowing how bad Brawl was.

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Been playing as Morton. He's got a funny voice. Fat Albert-esque.

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@demoskinos: I maxed out the Pilgrims of Dark at the end of the game. Really easy. Finding out how to join them though...

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Preordered on PSN but I am on the east coast. Think I might set my alarm for 3am and start the download then go back to bed so I can wake up early to play.

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Fuck it. It also gets unlocked at midnight eastern time so I'm gonna bite.

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Yeah Patrick has been killing it. I tried several times to solo O&S with my Sorcerer and ended up summoning help.

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I think the next attack will have longer range.

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Still buying right now! Had a lot of fun with the mod. Crazy that it says in the Steam page they don't expect to hit beta for another year.

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Great opening. And having the ability to listen to the radio outside cars is great. That song came back on while I was freezing an enemy ship to the ground and it synced perfectly. Such an enjoyable game.

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@vikingdeath1: I think it's the B button after you lockon. And I read that you can press R to move the cursor around on the gamepad.