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So let's say that I completely lost my $15 coupon code for the shirt shop. Ironically while waiting for the new members tee I decide to delete, or whatever, my email.

Anyway to get this back? Or am I just boned?

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I decided to buy the $50 membership a week ago and after the first attempt not working (got a bad gateway page after entering my card info) I tried again and had it go through smoothly.
I watched some videos and did everything a new member would. Then I decided to check my bank account and saw that I was charged $50 twice on my bank account.
Checking the page for membership questions just leads me to a Would this be the right e-mail? Or is there a new one I need to send my question to?
I sent a message to Dave (I know he is a busy man) and used the help e-mail address in a different FAQ.
I just want to know what I need to do/whom I need to talk to
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" Sounds like Gabe has tried to put Steam support on the 360 and MS said no. I remember when Valve were annoyed that they weren't allowed to put out free DLC, so I guess this is Gabes way of getting his own back. "
This guy has the right idea. "
Maybe, but then again that's purely conjecture so who knows what the case really is.  Either way Steam on a console seems kind of pointless to me...? "
As other's mentioned - it is far from being pointless. Auto-updates are awesome (no more waiting weeks for verification), possibility of free DLC and just the streamlined delivery that steam offers is awesome. "
why would someone not want to wait while they test updates and make sure they work without fail? "
Play the PC versions of Valve games that are multi-platform and you will see how neat steamworks can really be
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I look forward to the price drop of the other models more than this new one....however I wouldn't mind having one.

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This is great news indeed!