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Mmmm... Chungus. Yes, I think I'll name him Chungus.

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I really hope he does bring The Undertaker on stream with him.

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IGN: Banggoo

I'd like to join.

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I've played one match like a year ago then proceeded to be called a nigger, bitch, whore in chat. Looking forward to playing with more friendly people :D

Steam ID: Banggoo (Abstract green avatar)

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That's what I get for playing video games instead of rabidly refreshing the Store page.

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If you go to the Steam Store page and scroll down you'll see a "See All Specials" button on right side of the page.

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Hey, I was wondering if anyone here has any experience with Razer's emulated surround sound software. Does it work well or does it feel undependable for gaming purposes?

Razer Surround: