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I thought movies bored the hell out of Dan's dad. Why was he at a theater?

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I feel like Giant Bomb needs to mix things up more. If you're a free member like me, it's just Quick Look city all day at GB. After half a decade of the same format on a daily basis, it starts to get a little stale. I understand the guys have had a rough time adapting to the CBS corporate overlords and all the hitches at GB: East, but I'd really like to see some new features get added into the weekly rotation to keep things fresh for us free folk. I'm really digging the Old Games Show and I hope they continue to incorporate variety into in the weekly features pool.

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Mmmm... Chungus. Yes, I think I'll name him Chungus.

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I really hope he does bring The Undertaker on stream with him.

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IGN: Banggoo

I'd like to join.

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I've played one match like a year ago then proceeded to be called a nigger, bitch, whore in chat. Looking forward to playing with more friendly people :D

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