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@nickhead said:

Is this only happening in Fallout or did you go back and try another game?

I haven't tried this specifically lately, but I've definitely been able to play other games in the past with a controller and reached over to my wireless keyboard to take screenshots.

I've heard that some games in the past had issues accepting both KB&M and controller inputs, but I've also played enough games that let you switch inputs on the fly that I assumed this would be a given for a game released in 2015 from such a major developer.

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I don't know if this is a weird isolated incident or conflict with something on my end, but I've noticed that when I am using a controller to play the game, it stops recognizing keyboard/mouse inputs. And this even applies to the Steam overlay and screenshot hotkeys. F12 (the Steam screenshot button) does nothing. Shift+tab (the Steam overlay command) does nothing.

If I go into the gameplay options menu and turn controller mode off, then (still with the controller) back out to the start menu so it can save/apply the settings change, then I can use the keyboard and mouse (but not the controller). I haven't tried the Steam hotkeys when in KB&M mode, so for all I know it might not work there either (in which case it would be a matter of the game just somehow not allowing that Steam integration stuff).

Does anyone know of a workaround for this?

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The number of other people voting for Toonstruck warms my heart. And for anyone that's on the fence, this is a good example of its sharp, sometimes dark as fuck humor.

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It's a point-and-click adventure game set in a cartoon world where your character is an FMV/digitized Christopher Lloyd. It's basically Vinny: The Game.

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@cmblasko said:

What's a Rooster Teeth?


I'm glad some people still remember this.

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Boy is Kojima going to be surprised when he gets back to the office after his vacation.

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@jamjyo: So is your plan to paint ABXY on the buttons or just leave them blank so you don't have the extra confusion of the PS shapes?

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I convinced a friend of mine to stick with Undertale after he had a really rough first impression, and now it's one of his favorite games of all time. Also, it turns out that part of his initial misgivings about the game (that the controls were messed up) were from his wireless keyboard running out of batteries and only registering about 2/3 of his inputs.

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@mrmathias: I'd give the demo a shot because unless the mechanics are like the story (in that the demo throws you in without explaining either), combat is kind of a mess.

Or, as I said before, it could be that it's fine and I just don't understand it.