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I'm torn between these two.

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I can't think of any Amiibos that would be instant buys for me, but heaven help me if Robin Hood and/or Colossus get Disney Infinity figures.

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@petethepanda: The PC version got a patch the other day that added controller look speed to the options menu (before it only had options for mouse speed). It might not hurt to check the options menu to see if a similar patch went out to the PS4 as well.

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@finaldasa: I can't imagine it's the only resource out there, it's just the one that happened to come to mind. A lot of the strategy stuff on OpenTTDCoop is overkill, and only matters when you've got like 200 trains on one map.

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This could be the opposite of what you're looking for for (as it could just scare you off immediately) but the OpenTTDCoop wiki ( has a ton of info about layout and general design philosophies and whatnot. But keep in mind that this sort of meticulous min/maxing is on the extreme end of the spectrum.

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@brad: I totally get that. I hope I didn't come off sounding overly critical or dismissive of you guys (that certainly wasn't my intention). It just sounded to me like there might have been one or two specific moments you guys had in mind that I hadn't found yet.

I'm still a little curious about the moment Jeff talked about last week (well, a week and a half ago at this point).

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On the last 2 Bombcasts, both Jeff and Brad have made references to there being standout "HOLY SHIT" moments and the game "going far deeper than you thought it went". While there have definitely been "oh hey, that's clever", "ohhhhh now I get it", and even a few "go fuck yourself, Jonathan Blow" moments, I can't think of anything that quite match up to Jeff & Brad's descriptions.

I'll put parts that I THINK might be the moments in spoiler tags, but let's just assume that this thread will be anything goes when it comes to spoilers.

What I think might be Jeff's "OH SHIT" moment: The sound stuff in the Jungle area? Do you think the sequence where you're solving puzzles that require listening to ambient bird noises and then the game starts playing phones ringing was the moment that Jeff talked about as "not something that other games HAVEN'T done, but something wild that he didn't expect this game to do"? Similarly, toward the end of that area when it starts playing an audio clip from a nature documentary or something. I say "or something" because I happened to completely coincidentally have the same surprise happen outside the game at the exact same time. I had a window open with a Twitch stream that hadn't started yet, but RIGHT as the surprise nature documentary clip began, the stream started to play techno dance music. I didn't even realize until later that the music WASN'T part of the game. I still think "bird, bird, bird, Euro-dance beats" is funnier than "bird, bird, bird, documentary"

What I think might be the "this game has more than you thought": Maybe they're talking about the environmental pattern things (the "+__" stat)? That stuff is certainly fun to look for, and was cool to discover, but I don't know if it's as "next level" as whatever it is they were describing.

Something that could be THE THING but I haven't seen all of it yet: The motherfucking Hall of the Mountain King area. I've gotten TO the area, and I've banged my head against it for a few hours (which may itself be "the moment). But I haven't beaten it yet. So maybe whatever you get or learn for beating that gauntlet of puzzles is the huge revelatory moment.

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@walkertr77 said:

It sucks how few professional games writers there are now, that world just keeps getting smaller.

I think its more that games writing is in a transition phase right now. Some of the people who have been doing it for longer are starting to transition to other stuff, while new people are coming in.

For what it's worth, I saw Cara Ellison and some other writer tweeting today about how much more they've enjoyed actually PLAYING games once they got out of games writing/criticism/journalism. Like, they could just play what they wanted to for fun and not always be taking mental notes about everything.

I wish her the best!