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Patrick you took working at home by the balls and knocked it out of the park. Even though Giant Bomb mostly works when staff members are playing off of each other you found a way to make it work from your house in Chicago. Thanks for everything you brought to the site. You will be missed Patrick.

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Gamespot + Giant Bomb = Game Bomb

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15 year old game still has a lot of depth and challenge to it than most modern MMOs

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Nothing bad towards Jeff but Brad is an excellent host. The only downside may be more DOTA e-mails, but eh, I'll live.

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Dave, Gaint Bomb wouldn't be what it is today without you. You will be dearly missed. I wish you well in your future endeavors. Keep it real, duder.

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If I wasn't a subcriber I would be now due to the EverQuest thumbnail.

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From the GB Panel, makes me lol everytime.

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You guys telling me you prefer this...

 Over this?
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Ok a friend and I have been having this everlasting debate on which is better.  We need your help.  Please end this argument once and for all!