What do you say about about a person you never met but admire greatly?

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I'll be honest and say I'm not really a big community guy around here (or even at all really) but the staff whose careers I've followed since late 90's early oughts GameSpot are basically my go to guys for all things video games. Saying this I've never actually met any of them but watching videos listening to podcasts you tend to develop a sort of weird bond as you listen and watch, Ryan was one of those guys who made you feel like he was talking directly to you when discussing stuff I never felt disconnected from anything he said even though it wasn't directly to me. I really don't know what else to say other than I'll miss his jokes, his bombcast banter all of it. RIP Ryan you'll be missed.

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Hate to burst your Bubble #2 (last one)

Note: Due to the mostly negative comments I got for Hate to burst your Bubble #1 I'm skipping to my last and biggest problem with the gaming comunity at large and ending this.

I hate to burst your Bubble but people who judge a game before its even out with things like "This will fail" and/or "This is horrible" are the stupidest people you will find when it comes to gaming. To those people I say don't judge what you haven't played or seen IN PERSON. I'm sure i'll get lots of hate for this but oh well its the last one because as I explained in a comment on the last blog I expected better from the GB community.


Hate to burst your Bubble #1

Hey guys so i'm starting a weekly blog topic that will basically cover trends in gaming that just get on my nerves, these will be short feel free to discuss.

I hate to burst your bubble "leet" gamers of the world (I refuse to type in "leet" speak) but not everyone can live up to your standards, even if they would like to. Ok your good we get it, just leave me alone and go be good while I do the best I can.



The Endurance Run and me.

So Just as with Persona 4 I'm considering renting DP but I'm on the fence since I like watching the ER part of me says just watch it and let them "play it so I don't have to" the other kind of wants to check it out for myself, thoughts?


I hate UPS

So I preordered the GOW III  Ultimate Edition from Gamestop.com, (none where I live)  and I paid for release day delivery and what do I wake up to a "Your package has been rescheduled for delivery on 3/17/10" (tomorrow) why?  as they put it "adverse weather conditions" in this case fog that delayed it from moving out of Springfield MO for about 2 hours, so it finally gets to my nearest shipment receiving facility (about 14 miles from here) and it still can't be delivered today because "it got there too late" 12:30 PM to be exact they deliver until 7 PM, so that tells me they must only do one truck load a day or their too lazy to go get more stuff.  Add to that the fact that the fog in Springfield wasn't even bad enough for an advisory so I think someone was just too scared to drive in a bit of fog,  So thanks to UPS no GOW III for me until  tomorrow, it  wouldn't bother me as much if I hadn't paid for delivery on release day but it still pisses me off.
UPDATE: I guess my angry phone call to UPS did some good, low and behold I have my game.


I retract my previous statement

So between the time of my last blog entry titled Why I will never buy a Wii and the Giant Bomb Quick Look of New Super Mario Bros. Wii, i went out and bought myself a Wii and despite my previous statements it's not that hard for me to play.  I do find the Wiimote a bit touchy but i'm sure i'll get used to that.  Anyway I bought NSMB, Punch Out, Zelda: TP and Mario Kart.  My walmart was all out of WSR/Motion Plus bundles but i'll get that later.  So far i've had lots of fun with it even though controlling it will take some getting used to.    


Why I will never buy a Wii

First let me start by saying that i'm a fanboy of no one certain company (as I own both a 360 and now a PS3) with that said no matter how cheap it gets i'll never buy a Wii.  Not because I hate Nintendo in fact i'm a fan of alot of their ip's and have owned plenty of Nintendo consoles in my life.  As my bio states I have Cerebral Palsy and most of the games require you to either be standing or have lightning reflexes and I lack either of those things.  I just don't see buying a console that I can't get any use in.  Now I know there is the classic controller but since it doesn't support every game its not an option.  I just wanted to share my thoughts and explain why I will never own a Wii. 

Finally got myself a PS3

and MGS 4.  gotta say i'm loving it so far my only nitpicks are long update times and game installs are required but those are small things and have not hurt my overall enjoyment. 
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