Where's that sense of duty when it really matters?

In response to that article about Arkansas (where I live) police officials warning of the dangers of the capablities of the as yet to be released Nintendo DSi I feel compelled to tell you why the article comes off as hypocrital to me. I rarely expose my personal life to anyone let alone an entire web community but in  this case i'll make an exception.  up until 5 years ago I was 1 of 2 children my mother had, my older brother Josh was 11 yeas older than me.  I say was because he died on February 24th, 2004 due to what police say was a suicide, they pretty much ruled it so and closed the case on day 1 even before autopsy reports were done.  Ok put aside the fact that I know my brother wasn't the type to do such a thing, how do you shoot yourself and have not even a trace of gun powder residue on you.  Or how about this they claim he shot himself using his left hand, he was RIGHT HANDED and this was a 22 rifle impossible in my book.   Not to mention he was found with his legs resting on the upper level of a tool shelf if he shot himself he couldn't have landed that way.  Anyway police will not reopen the case after many requests from my family, so I ask again where is that sense of duty when it really matters?

R.I.P Josh


Bionic Commando Rearmed: The fun outweighs the difficulty

If anyone paid attention to my status updates they know I stayed up to wait for BCR on release day, and that I think it was worth it.  With that said it's definitely a steal at $10,  As someone who played the original and sucked at it ( i was 5 at the time give me a break) the difficulty is still there, but the upgrades in gameplay more than make up for that.  My only gripe is that the controls for the Bionic arm are kinda wonky but other than that it's $10 well spent and a recommendation to anyone looking for fun and a challenge.


Braid: To buy or not to buy, that is the question

So yeah I've played and replayed the demo for braid several times, I think the demo was fun but is the $15 price worth it?  I mean considering that there is an achievment for speed running through it in an hour i'm not so sure that my MS points couldn't be saved for something more valuable and with Bionic Commando Rearmed dropping this wednesday I might wait and check that out first.  What's the deal with MS lying about the price of Braid in the press release anyway?  Are they trying to piss people off? I probably would have bought this automatically for $10, but with the lies about the price and lack of replayability (from what I hear) I'll probably skip it or wait untill the Arcade goes through another dry spell to get the full versiion. 

EDIT: So I finally broke down and bought Braid, and though I thought it was overpriced at first I must say it's well worth the money.  It's one of those fun yet insanely hard games that leaves you feeling rewarded after solving a puzzle. 


The Dark Knight: My Review

So yeah I went to see The Dark Knight this past weekend, I know I'm late to the party but I don't get out of the house as often as I'd like to.  I should probably mention that I'm pretty biased towards Batman movies since he is my superhero of choice. (sorry Spiderman, Ironman or Hulk fans)  When they first announced that Heath Ledger (R.I.P.) was going to play The Joker I was like "that will never work"  don't get me wrong I liked some of his previous work but I did not think he could pull off the Joker character.  I was wrong he turned that movie into greatness, don't get me wrong the acting was great all around, but none better than Heath Ledger's performance as The Joker.  As you probably guessed I give the movie 5 stars greatest move in a while.


Ok so The joker survives and is presumably sent to Arkam Asylum, my hope is that if/when the next Batman sequel is made they switch the storyline to not involve The Joker because after this preformance in my opinion no one could play a better Joker.


The first 20,000 submissions: my part in it, and random thoughts

So yeah wow 20,000 submissions in 24 hours, that's a hell of an accomplishment for a new site.  I just think it shows how deticated Giant Bomb's community is to making this site great.  As for me the majority (if not all of my submissions) which is around 20, have been wrestling related.  I am a very big wrestling fan and have been adding info to various wrestlers pages, I plan to do other things as well, I haven''t even made a forum post yet.   I'm just starting to get used to the idea of posting a real blog again, I used to write on on Myspace but that place became so convoluted with spam accounts it just didn't seem worth it anymore.  Anyway enough rambling, I plan to keep this blog updated mostly with my thoughts on games and the times in general.  Anyway CONGRATS again Giant Bomb on hitting another milestone.


Giant Bomb's first day: my thoughts

It's great to see that Giant Bomb has finally launched.  i've been browsing around the site, and boy was I suprised at how many seperate pages there are for various things, by the looks of it this place could turn out to be gaming's first true social networking site.  The only problems i've had so far were info uploading issues but I think that's just because of the huge amount of traffic to the site since it is launch day, but all in all the site looks great and I can tell that a great deal of work was put into this and I applaud everyone at Giant Bomb for giving us (the gamers) a new place to hang out.

CONGRATS guys the Giant Bomb exploded successfully.

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