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I think my favorite is "FDR let Pearl Harbor happen." I don't necessarily believe it, I just like thinking about it occasionally. Basically in the vein of "would he be that desperate to go to war with Germany?"

FDR is one of my favorite Presidents, and I tend to fall on the "no" side of that argument, but I'm willing to acknowledge it as a possibility.

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I am a white, heterosexual, cisgender male. So strictly speaking, diversity is not important to me because I can choose a random game and, almost every time, play a character who looks like me. That is not something diversity can help me with.

Diversity is important to me, however, because I want other people to feel included in this awesome world. Because I understand, though it took me a long time and some dedicated friends to get to this point, that representation matters to people who typically aren't represented. And I also want diversity at all levels in this industry, from within the games to the folks making the games to the folks gabbing about the games, because if everyone involved in the industry fit my profile, then the small things that leave people feeling excluded wouldn't get called out and wouldn't get fixed. "I'm not racist, so why do I have to worry about making games that star black characters? It's not like you're playing a white supremicist!" I might have said if things went differently and I had developed a different circle of friends who didn't point this kind of stuff out to me.

Hell, I'd like some more diversity in my friend group, since I'm calling things out. My college has shit for race relations and as a result most of the campus (and my friend group included) is whiter than a box of wonder bread.

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This look...ambitious. Maybe overly so but hey, shoot for the moon right?

The model they're showing looks a bit bulky to be walking around with.

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@bigjeffrey: It only takes looking at the thumbnail for that for me to feel immeasurably more guilty about enjoying this whole shit.

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Is this a porn game?

Yes. The version sold on steam is appropriately edited, but 18+ versions are being sold elsewhere.

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This looks like trash and I want to play it.

I'm just going to drop this in here for everyone.

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See, my only problem with Dorian is that it seems like his romance scenes got the shaft. I watched my roommate play DA, and he essentially flirted with everyone until something stuck, which was Dorian. And when he started dating Dorian, most of the minor romance scenes were bugged, and what scenes he did get were underwhelming. He got more romantic, datey scenes with Sera, and he was obviously playing a man!

As for Bioware going a little hard on his marketing, maybe, but I'm willing to give them a slide. Bioware is one of the only AAA developers willing to reach for the bare minimum of inclusiveness and diversity, so I'm not going to fault them for it. And honestly, gay characters along with all other LGBTQ could use a bit more publicity in that way.

Also, like someone else here pointed out, Dorian was the only LGBTQ character for whom their sexuality was a significant part of their story and arc. And that's great, because there were several LGBTQ characters! It would be bad if Dorian was the ONLY not-heternomative character, because then DA would be following the trend of "there can be only one gay character and everything about that character must center around their sexuality and how it makes them miserable". But, because there's quantity and diversity in the cast, they have space to tell multiple kinds of stories with them, including a story that heavily addresses the character's sexuality.

I'm not entirely certain what my point was from start to finish, so in short, yeah, Bioware was clumsy with Dorian. That is without a doubt. But it's a step, maybe even a baby step, in the right direction, so I'm gonna give them a pass. Dragon Age: Inquisition has plenty of other things to criticize.

Edit: Full Disclosure - White, heterosexual, cisgendered male here, so take my word for whatever that's worth to you.

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I would like to just say that I love that there is either a directory or a script on the site that's just "hey".

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Okay, but what if I start naked?

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Years and years ago. Those balloons were hell, I don't know if I could do it today.