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I'd like a balance of the two, son.

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They should just put out Call of Duty 2 again.

You are correct sir.

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You could just sit on a subway train all day.

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What the hell is the deal with Polygon, yeah of course everyone is entitled to their own opinion,but they seem to deviate from the norm just to be different.

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@nictel said:

I am pretty happy with my OnePlus One, though Chinese it is above your $150 mark. You are getting a lot for $299,-. I would even go as far that hardware wise (and OS depending on taste) it is better than the iPhone 6 plus.. So not all that is Chinese is bad.

Everything is better than the iPhone 6 plus...

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Waiting for the PC version.

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Fuck this game,actually fuck the Game Gear in general. Had so much more fun with the Game Boy color and Pokemon Crystal than anything on that piece of shit.

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I personally like it so far. I thought the store needed an update for a long time now.

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Pretty much anything Beastie Boys. Went to college in the early 90s (yep, I'm old) and practically every party I went to had the Beasties playing, or some kid in the dorms would have his speakers turned around in his window blasting Paul's Boutique. Was never a big Beasties' fan in the first place, but the overexposure ruined any enjoyment I might have had.

Wow I wish kids still played that stuff at parties than what I gotta be succumbed to these days.