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I stopped reading after the bullshit statement of download 30GB in 30min. You fuckin' lie. Unless your house is on the backbone of the internet I doubt you can even download that fast.

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You forgot Valve. Valve is a horrible company that makes you always have to be online (those who dont know, offline mode only last 7-10 days. It barely works right at that anyways)

Always online DRM is horrible and I think DRM free is the best way to go. That way you don't punish the paying customers only and they can enjoy their rightfully purchased products.

I'm very much in agreement with this post.I'm sick to fucking death of every goddamned publishing company having their own totally fucking useless online service that I have to sign up for every fucking time I play one of their games. Fuck you EA, fuck you Ubisoft, fuck you Rockstar and apparently now fuck you too Warner Bros.

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Get a PC, it will last you longer than any of those platforms (don't know about Wii U). You probably played a lot of the games yo'd play on PC on PS3 though... in that case.. go for the Xbox 360, but be warned, microsoft is out for blood and will price gouge you for every single nickel and dime you got. I just dont support that yearly subscription crap and XBox cost too much to maintain. It's really a loss on the 360 but if you want those exclusives then go for it.

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Either one is not really a winning choice. One you die from dehydration and the other you die of hunger.

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Eddy Gordo /thread

Actually I like a lot of the fighters and their different qualities since the series first came out in 1995. I played Tekken in the beginning but it's been over 15 years now and it's funny to think an entire generation of Tekken players have moved on, yet they're still making games.
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@hwy_61 said:

Just for the WTF factor.

The fuck I just watched?

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The right answer, in my opinion, is Grand Theft Auto III or Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, as that opened up a whole genre of games. It did a lot of things games never did before it and set the bar very high.

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I thought this thread was going to be about that cocaine or the rapper Snow.

Actual snow though is a nice sight for the holidays. Too bad we never get any here.

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@Zippedbinders: I don't need a lesson on how things work. You can't tell me or redefine how I interpreted the context of the situation or my opinion. Plus, I never expected anybody to be me; that would be stupid. I didn't ask for your 2 cents anyways.