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Ya totally. There is no one person's departure that would make me unsubscribe. Maybe there is a combination of two departures, but definitely not one.

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@letter11: Ya it was really tough. I started off playing it with a controller because I wanted to be able to lean back and relax, but I had to switch to mouse controls because I couldn't complete the first world in one go. I ended up beating the first world a few times just to get a bunch of money to buy lives because the later levels are so hard. I really enjoy the basic gameplay loop of Breakout games though, so it wasn't a pain.

@nictel: Haha ya, this is pretty much the sum total of all my free time. I don't watch that much TV or movies or anything, its pretty much all games. My class load isn't that bad either, although I should probably get a job at some point.

@bisonhero: Maybe I exaggerated a bit about the main character's dickishness. It just got to me towards the end, but that's really only because the game was going on for far too long and I wanted it to end. He (and I assume she) is still a total asshole though. I also ran into the exact same problem on Bane, it took me about twenty tries to beat him. I was a wizard guy so I did damage almost exclusively through spells. When I finally ended him I nearly punched a hole in my monitor; I was so pumped.

@gamer_152: It really is, and that sort of made it hard for me to write about. I am not that great of a writer, and I couldn't quite put my exact feelings into words. Playing Wizorb was a simple pleasure, like a warm blanket...or something.

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@tonylope: All right you convinced me, I think I will give it a shot for April.

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@starfoxa: Ya, I started that pretty recently, I was always too timid to start a game on hard for fear of it crushing me. But too many games just ended up being boringly easy, so I decided to start on hard for ever game I play. Though I may have to rethink that, especially as my schedule tightens and I have less time to play.

@dorkpheasant: What @beachthundersaid. Its pretty darn cool for the price.

@tonylope: So Legend is good? I was planning on playing it after Anniversary, but I disliked Anniversary so much that I decided to skip it. If Legend really is that much better, I think I may be willing to give it a shot.

@slag: Thanks!

@darthorange: What beachthunder said again, its a pretty good time and is a good game to play while listening to podcasts or half watching netflix.

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Second game sounds like it could be Elixir. First game, I dunno, might not even be a game.

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I would feel bad if I knew there was a different way to buy the game that got money to the people who created it. I hope that this generation the console makers work out a deal with Gamestop and publishers that allows the creators to get some of the revenue.

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So I'm seriously building my first PC, so much so that I've gone ahead and pre-ordered Bioshock Infinite on PC despite not currently owning anything even sort of capable of running the game.

So, basic question: $800 is my targeted budget, more or less. Is this build still relevant? If it is, I'm going to take this thread as gospel and leap right into it.

Naw man, its March now, the moon is in a new phase. All the rituals you need are completely different.

Seriously though, the OP build seems like it would still be legit. But don't take it as gospel, don't take any one source as gospel. Do your research. The worst thing that could happen is that you rush this to play one game, and end up with a rig you don't love. And thats what this is really all about: Love.

...and rat brains.

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On a slightly related note, I actually contacted GMG customer service a while ago and asked them if the publishers (up to them to give any to developer) receive any money for sales on their used-game-like 'Capsule' service (which is interesting and you should read about it btw) and they promptly sent this answer to me.


Thank you for your ticket.

All Steam keys that we sell are brand new keys to guarantee that they are valid and not already in use.

In the case of second hand Capsule games a percentage of every used game sale goes to the publisher/developer (this percentage can differ from publisher to publisher) - either way, publishers/developers always get a percentage of the revenue from the sale!

Hope this answers your question.

Kind regards,

Green Man Gaming

Customer Service

They seem nice and legit to me.

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Paying the taxes per your regional laws is what cool people do.

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I want to live in a world where that interview was in some way altered visually, just to fuck with us. My vote goes toward willing such a world into existence.