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I'm wondering if when I do the missions in game, do i have to select them from the sporepedia like we see in the video, or can i just find some random planet that a player made a mission on, and then just play.

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i loved the first two, using a pointer would be great.

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i always liked windwakers take on exploration, there were a few sidequests [remember the post office game and such] and not every place had a part in the story.combats always been fun but id like for it to be a bit more deep, some guy mentioned disarming thatd be nice,

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Oriental_Jams said:
"The reaction he had when he got it right was funnier than him repeatedly saying negus."

yeah, didnt even sound like he said anything offesnive. [ and yes i kno what i was supposed to hear ]
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couldnt really tell from the quality of the video on the link, but werent the characters just wearing browns bags on their heads......

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ive never played FF other than tactics on the gameboy advanced and cant get myself hyped for it.

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i like my wii, however i must say my 360 has gotten ALOT more play time than  my wii. Give it a chance, hopefully nintendo begins making some sequels to gamecube games, like pikmin and luigi's mansion.

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i chose deal the first time, wasnt happy roman died but it was a better ending had some more feeling to it.

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ParanoidFreak said:
"In a year with Grand Theft Auto 4, Metal Gear Solid 4 (one of my favorite games ever) and Gears of War 2, the chances are pretty slim.
yeah far cry 2 wont sell as much and thats one factor they judge when looking at goty.
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just because a game changes a genre doesnt mean its goty quality, once again im not saying its gonna suck its probably gonna be great but we cant say " game of the year hands down " right this second. For example Spore is pretty much revolutionary but i dont think it will be winning goty.

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