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I look forward to getting to know both Dan and Jason's videogame tastes and interests.

#2 Posted by BlackSymbiote (106 posts) -

Interesting. I look forward to consuming this new content.

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I heard the news early this morning and immediately thought it had to be some sick joke, or a horrible misunderstanding. "There's NO WAY Ryan could be dead" I thought to myself "...He can't be. He's RYAN F*ING DAVIS!" After actually reading the post and seeing all the "in memory of" pieces popping up all day, I was still somehow in denial. "It can't be true, how can this be real?!" but part of me knew it probably was. Even now, a small part of me prays I'll wake up tomorrow to find out this was the most elaborate, deep, cruel joke, the kind only Ryan and his friends could pull off, and I wouldn't be mad one bit, because it would be infinitely better than this. In the end, all I can say is that I'll miss Ryan like I never knew I could miss someone who I've never actually met. I'll miss him like he was one of my friends. I'd like to think he was a friend to all of us. Rest in peace duder. Kick off that party right, up there.

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This was great Alex. I was thinking while reading, "I wish Alex would write more things like this" and just like that my wish is granted at the end of the post. Looking forward to more weekend content when the site kinda dies.

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That TED Talk was fantastic!

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You can almost always tell which articles Alex writes just from the headline.

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So many great suggestions! I've seen a few of the shows listed, but a lot of them I haven't, and I've heard good things about most, if not all, of the shows listed. I've already seen Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Dexter (but I stopped after the John Lithgow season), Lost, Arrested Development was my college show with all my friends, Fringe, House (but only part way into season 2), Firefly, BSG, Supernatural, Being Human (UK version) and about 3 seasons of Mad Men.

You've listed a ton of other shows though, so I have my work cut out for me! Basically anything else listed that I didn't just mention, I haven't seen. I've been wanting to check out Justified and Community.

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After all the hype and hearing about it all the time, I decided to struggle through the first season, and watch all of the newer Doctor Who shows. Once I'm done with that, which shouldn't be too far off, what should I watch next? In other words, what is your most recommended TV show?

To help move the topic along, I've also already watched The Shield and Breaking Bad. They were both pretty great.

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@MariachiMacabre said:

@Adamsons said:

Id like to hear something from Tool following 10,000 days.

Absolutely. This and Modest Mouse.

Both of these would make my day.

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Great article! Keep up the amazing work!

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