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@hkz: ok, but at least feature wise you guys got everything pretty much right away. I think the Android version got the Zen garden update like 3 months ago. And before that it only ever worked on like 10 devices. And they were all like 2 year old devices. New devices took months to get support, and even then it was still buggy and crashy.

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i just hope apple didnt pay them to delay updates to the android version like with the first PvZ. Im not saying Apple paid them to do that to the first PvZ, just that EA took like a year to update the Android version after they updated the iOS version.

Also, WOW, something on giantbomb about mobile that doesnt completely dismiss Android as a platform.

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Since the 2DS has the original 3DS sized screens, look out next year for the Brand New 2DS XL!

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This needs to come out on Vita. Seems like a perfect fit for this game.

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i'm so confused by the battle system. is it still ATB, just really jazzed up? (I haven't played a FF game since 8).

Same. Anyone want to recommend a good place to start with non-turn-based FF? Last FF game I played was X...

From what i can tell from trailers and info, the best game to go to get a feel for this combat is Kingdom Hearts, plus its the Kingdom Hearts team making it

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Im almost 100% sure theres going to be an AC4 demo at Sony, and possibly even a Watch Dogs demo too.

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does arkham really have to be in the title? why not just batman origins.

Because the 'Batman: Arkham ______" series is already popular so theyre going to ride the marketing on that. Plus, without knowing any real details about it, you can assume that it will have similar gameplay and art design, etc to the other Arkham games.

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Screw this game. Got to the invasion of the safe house right after the tutorial area, first guy dies, go try to kill him before zombies appear to get my stuff, 2nd person dies, then all my items are gone and i have 6 bullets and nothing else, 2nd person dies, rinse and repeat in loop of unable to kill the 5 zombies they throw at me with NO ITEMS, resist urge to destroy controller, take disc out, put in box, never play again. I repeat: Screw this game.

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And the Spyro name is finally dead.

only makes sense, Spyro has been dead for years

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@Napalm: i was just making a fucking joke then someone had to take it to a place it never should have been in. i wont take it to PM cause im done with this thread. god damn, people on GB cant take a fucking joke at all