Never had one as a kid despite playing them a lot, now I'd making up. :) Collection is growing a "little" too quickly! I have a boxed Megadrive II (PAL) which I have modified with a 50/60Hz switch to play US titles. Might do a Japanese mod in the future if can get my hands on worthy titles such as Alien Soldier, Strider or Panorama Cotton. Fat chance there. Also have 2 official 6-button controllers and Super Street Fighter 2 now, not as good as Turbo but fun nonetheless. M.U.S.H.A. is my latest and most prized addition to my collection, complete with a pre-order card! It's a fantastic scrolling shooter and a definite must play for shoot'em up fans! Thinking of shooters, the awesome Thunder Force IV (rare Australian version) will be in my possession soon. Ace.

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Posted by Neon941

Nice, actually for my rather large collection of Genesis games I only own a handful of those. I'd reccommend some Sparkster or Zombies ate my Neighbors.
Posted by Bluepixie

Cheers man. :) I've been trying to get a hold of copy of Sparkster but it tends to be quite expensive. :/

Posted by Hand_banana
Great collection dude! Alot of props for Guntar heroes, Alisia Dragoon and Ranger-X!
Get Rocket Knight adventures instead of Sparkster though!
 Man I gotta get WIz 'n Liz soon that game is really fast and fun.
Posted by Bluepixie

Thanks man. :) I shall see if I can lay my hands on a copy. Certainly is good fun on the emulators. Mostly been playing Bloodline and Aladdin recently, finally beat Jafar! Yus! Yeah, Wiz'n'Liz is a riot!

Posted by Hand_banana
Nice I actually don't have Bloodlines or Aladdin though but Im gonna pick up Bloodlines as soon as I can find a a copy.
I recently got a game called Flink. Very nice graphics and I think it's by the same devs that made Wiz 'n Liz =)
Posted by darthlefein

I like MUSHA, comment on my Mega Drive collection