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I think that if the system is going to be getting retail exclusive games it very much should have its own platform page.

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I agree! I was just thinking about it earlier and you have been doing this regularly for a really long time now.

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These days I play most games while listening to podcasts, unless I really want to take in the story. But my go to game (or games?) is pinball. I pretty much go to Pinball Arcade or Pinball FX 2.

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When I got this bundle I ended up downloading Mysterious Cities of Gold and Meltdown. I have only played Mysterious Cities of Gold so far, but I thought Meltdown looked pretty good.

I wasn't sure about Legacy, I thought it looked pretty iffy, but now after reading about it I probably won't bother installing it for a long long time.

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I would not want it to go back even a little bit. I played the first two games but got bored a bit into them. I really liked the third one but still did not finish it. However the fourth game I have now fully played through 4 times. I absolutely love the game and the wackiness and crazy stuff is a HUGE part of it. I actually find it hard to play other open world games now as I just want to fly around and play it like that game.

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Boy did I want to play Star Wars 1313.

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Also as a shout out I noticed the great job @fiye has done on the Spitting Image page, which is a game I have never heard of.

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@beachthunder: @mento: I always try and add a deck and a small overview for every game when I see them blank or create them. I don't think I write very good decks, but I figure at least a very short description is better than nothing.