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I am always playing some older game but I will always go back to Civilization 2. I end up playing it for hours and hours every 6 months or so probably.

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@aquacadet: First off, welcome to the wiki editing world, we can always use more.

Secondly, my immediate reaction would be to say no, we probably should not link to downloads of "abandonware" unless maybe the publisher of the game officially put it on their own site to download.

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And here I thought I had played through these games more than once and found them very fun and completely playable, huh.

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@reverendhunt: I just had to remove some of this from the Assassin's Creed Unity page. That is a franchise I would certainly avoid using that sort of language on.

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If people are still inviting I would love to get in on this with my shiny new 1TB Xbox One. My gamertag is the same as my Giant Bomb user name.

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Today is probably the most I will get at once with Fable Anniversary, Endless Legend and How to Survive.

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I have only bought a few of the cheaper games I did not have yet, but I did already beat two of them. I bought and played through both King of Fighters 98 and Metal Slug X.

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Not a ton of releases this time around, but there were sure some gems in there.

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@fisk0: I am all for listing all of the publishers that indeed publish the game. I generally will then try and explain in the overview which company published it in which region/platform or if it was for another release.

@lighthaze:It does not seem to be coming up in search for me either. Maybe try submitting it to the Bug Reporting forum?

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I just wait until I see it pop up on the main page and I download the premium version.