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Hot Shot is just the four player release of the pinball table Big Shot. The Hot Shot page should be deleted and an alias added to the Big Shot page.

And while we are at it can we get Pro Pool and Play Pool as aliases as well since they are also alternate names for various re-releases of the game.

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The Adventures of Darwin should have the alias Simple 2000 Series Vol. 99: The Genshijin as that is the Japanese title.

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I actually really enjoyed playing through Two Worlds.

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@zombiepie: I am allergic to pertussus which just happens to be the vaccine they give for whooping cough. It is also part of a shot they will give for multiple things so I always have to make sure I point it out or bad things happen.

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@zombiepie: I am indeed down. Also, I hope you or whomever had the medical issue gets better!

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This game looks pretty good. I am always fond of games with great music too.

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@dead_flip: Sort of off topic, but I just wanted to say I really like your set up. It is pretty cool being able to watch people play real pinball machines like we can watch people play Pinball Arcade and such.

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The wiki is what brought me here, but now I pretty enjoy everything about the site.

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The company Mr. Game should have the alias Zaccaria which was the original name for the company before they rebuilt as Mr. Game.

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I think we have pinball pretty covered here. Not only do we have specific pages for TONS of machines, there are also pages for things like Pinball Arcade and Pinball FX. I would imagine you could set it as the specific table you are playing? I am not totally sure how the Twitch thing works. If there are any empty pages for tables you want to use you can edit the page or just post it here and I will try and fill it in some.