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Seems like a pretty odd game. I had never heard of this game before reading this.

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@mento: Boy, that blue ball of whatever really likes to explain things.

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@slag: Yea I think it has been broken for a while.

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@hailinel: Oh man the formatting on that Ultima V page is pretty bad.

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@riostarwind: Wow that is pretty interesting, I had no idea there was a visual novel entry in the BlazBlue series, crazy.

@finaldasa: It seems like I run into pages all the time that surprise me that they are completely empty. I can't really say much though considering I spend hours sometimes on pages like Arthur's Absolutely Fun Day.

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@finaldasa: It really depends on what I am doing on a page. If I am going for fully filling out a page I will try and beat the game first, or at least play a good chunk of it.

Right now with my limited amount of time I am just trying to keep track of what games get Steam Trading Cards added to them and make sure they all have a page and have the concept linked.

Sometimes I will also give myself a theme or some goals in areas that I see need some help and go for those. I try and mix it up a bit as to not burn myself out.

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@lordandrew: I am sure there are plenty that need to be added. I am working on catching up this week on the trading card games again before doing another one of these. I am about halfway through my crazy summer schedule so it should not be too much longer before I can dig in and do a lot more work.

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@hailinel: It just seems so crazy to me. Hey guys remember this is a site about video games? I guess I just need to stick to the wiki.

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Holy...I go to work for the day and everything is way out of hand....

I am confused as to why hiring them is a big deal? I did not realize a job had to be held for a person of a certain gender or race, here I thought it was based on qualifications.

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1,368 now.