Weekly Wiki Update - Sunday, October 5th 2014.

Hello fellow wiki editors or people with a passing interest in it.

This week I ended up doing more than I had done last week, but still did not really fully fill out any pages. I ended up putting some basic information into more empty pages, but this week I also created some more pages.

The first page for a game I created this week was for the new Stern Pinball machine based on The Walking Dead. The same time I had found out about the new Stern machine I also found out about a new arcade light gun shooter called Teratoma: The Last Rebellion so I created a page for it as well.

I also ended up finally adding a page for the PS2 game Let's Ride: Silver Buckle Stables which I have owned for quite some time but never got around to creating the page.

So because of creating the page for The Walking Dead pinball I ended up with pinball fever once again and started creating some pages for more pinball tables/companies. I ended up adding a page for a machine called Winter Sports. While reading up on the table I also ended up reading about the company that created it, Zaccaria. As it turns out Zaccaria was an Italian pinball manufacturer that ended up becoming Mr. Game, who had created the game Motor Show that I worked on a few weeks back.

So while digging into that companies history I also ended up making pages for two of their other tables, Blackbelt and Aerobatics. On the same topic of pinball I also added an object page for Drop Targets. This is a really common item on a pinball machine so I thought I would add it, it is just not quite as filled out as say the page for Ball Saver.

Well that is it for the weekly wiki update this week. I guess I should have called this one pinball madness since that is where the large bulk of my work went. As always what have you duders been working on in the wiki?


Weekly Wiki Update - Sunday, September 28th 2014.

It is Sunday which means it is weekly wiki update day. This week was another pretty slow week for me when it comes to wiki editing, but I did manage to do some things.

This week I ended up adding a few games which I found while out hunting at thrift stores. The first game I bought that was not in the wiki was The Land Before Time: Great Valley Racing Adventure. It is interesting to see another on foot racing game as those always intrigue me. This game seems pretty simple and boring, but I will find out for myself when I play it. I also ended up making a franchise page for The Land Before Time as I noticed there have been a few games based on the series.

The second game I bought that I had to add was Horse Illustrated Championship Season. This one was the strangest of all the games I found. I had never heard of it or seen it before. It appears to be a simulation game in which you raise and train horses to compete in competitions. I will be installing this one for sure.

And the last game I bought was Rescue Copter for the PlayStation. I am not sure if this game is going to be any fun because the thought of playing a simulation of a rescue helicopter doesn't sound too appealing to me.

Other than adding those games I just did some minor edits here and there and some more work on empty pages. I would like to point everyone in the direction of the blog that @mento posted about his work on the wiki as it is an interesting read. Anyone else out there doing some fine fine wiki editing? Let us know!


Weekly Wiki Update - Sunday, September 21st 2014.

Another weekend means another Weekly Wiki Update. So this week I still mostly poked around on completely (or pretty close to) empty pages and tried to put some basic information in and box art and such. There is still a pretty overwhelming amount of pages that have not ever been worked on in the wiki and I have been noticing quite a lot of them seem to be German. With these games I try to fill in what I can, but not knowing any German makes it difficult to do so beyond the very basics.

I did not end up really working on any sort of goals again this week with playing games and working taking up most of my free time. I did however decide for some reason to really dig in and fill out the page for E.T. Digital Companion. Not only did I decide to fill out the page for this thing, I actually spent a couple of hours playing around with every feature of this mostly non-game.

I also added some credits for a couple of games this week which brings me to something I am confused on. If the game has actors in FMV sequences what would I classify them under in the credits? There is a credit for voice actor, but they are acting with more than just voice and we have no credit for just actor. Maybe @jeff has some input?

Alright well that is it for another (short) edition of the Weekly Wiki Update. As always I want to know what you other wiki editors are doing out there!


Weekly Wiki Update - Sunday, September 14th 2014.

This weeks edition of the Weekly Wiki Update will probably be quite a bit shorter. Between getting some extra surprise hours at work and both Destiny coming out and finishing Dead Rising 3 I did not spend a whole lot of time working on the wiki.

This week instead of working on any specific goals I sought out some pages that were pretty much all but barren with no real information and try to give them at least the basic information and overview. In doing this I realized just how many pages have never been touched since this site started and that there are still many pages that are duplicates or compilation pages. I basically just went to games page and went to the last page which are the games that were edited the longest ago.

I also did a little bit of adding Steam Trading Cards and such to some games that did not have them yet, but did not have to create any pages for them.

I also went to the Sega Channel page, which I cannot remember for the life of me how I got there. Anyway I went through and added a lot more games that had appeared on the service that were not yet on the page.

Since I was playing Dead Rising 3 I also went to the page and added every object and concept I could think of as being in the game, which turned out to be a lot. I also ended up adding the location for Aduna Boxing Gym with the intentions of adding more.

One last thing I ended up doing was re-adding a bunch of associations to the Kinect Sports page as they had all been wiped. While I was there doing that I also changed some of the body text of the page to remove a lot of the word “you”.

Alright there you have it, this weeks not very fancy wiki update. So as always what are all you other wiki updaters working hard on? How about any new editors out there that maybe need some assistance?


Weekly Wiki Update - Saturday, September 6th 2014.

Here we go with another week chronicling the stuff I have been up to in the wiki. I spent the first couple of days working on games from my created list but then for whatever reason stumbled across the page for Super Collapse! And found it to be completely empty. This surprised me quite a bit since I remembered it being a pretty popular game at one point so I decided to fill in a bunch of information about the game.

Created Pages

This week I decided to start off with something other than a game page from my list to I went with the planet from Star Wars Episode 1 Racer, Mon Gazza. I kind of jumped around quite a bit this week going from a location page to a mobile game and then a couple of Xbox Live Indie Games.

Here are the games from my list of created pages I worked on this week:


Not too much activity this week on getting pages up for Steam games. I spent more time working on other pages…and maybe playing a whole lot of Dead Rising 3 on Steam.

Here are the games I had to add to the wiki because of Steam:

While I ended up getting some more done, it still wasn't as much as I would have liked. I ended up actually playing games a bunch this week instead of just writing information about them. One thing I have noticed however is that even when playing for fun I play games in a different way than I used to. I find myself wanting to document every object, take tons of screenshots, and notice concepts in games I never did before.

Just in case not everyone noticed, we now have a platform page for the New Nintendo 3DS system, which I am all in favor of.

One thing I have been thinking of more and more lately is the fact that I think too many games have just one single page for multiple releases, despite some of them being very different. It seems to be a hard thing to judge as to how many or what kind of differences would qualify a game to have a separate page.

Anyway, what have all of you been up to in the wiki?


(Late) Weekly Wiki Update - Monday, September 1st 2014.

This week, or I guess last week was not very productive for me in the wiki. It was however pretty productive in the real world so I guess that is a bonus. With building my deck and my fence out of the way I hope to put some more effort into the wiki in the coming week. I ended up not being able to fill out any pages this week but I did do a lot of random work here and there like filling in some credits, putting basic information into completely empty pages, and fixing some errors.


For this weekly goal I decided to not just make it about what games are adding Steam Trading Cards, but just games that were added to Steam itself. Nothing all that notable this week, just added some random games that were put on Steam or got trading cards.

Here are the games I had to add to the wiki because of Steam:

Sorry for the short and late post this week. I will try and be back in full force for the next blog.


Weekly Wiki Update - Friday, August 22nd 2014.

Another week means another weekly wiki update. I hit a couple of milestones this week as I ended up passing 300k wiki points and 1600 pages made. Despite making sure I work on the pages that I have created over the years I also ended up jumping around a bit and updating some other pages as well. Sometimes I end up filling in some credits, sometimes the body of the page, and sometimes it was just adding more concepts and such.

Created Pages

So I just noticed that this week I surpassed 1600 pages created. I feel like my current quest to try and fill out my created pages as much as I can will probably be an ongoing thing for a long time to come. I kind of went all over the place with the games I worked on this week. Everything from a childrens Game Boy Color game to an Xbox Live Indie game to a Wii singing game.

I actually ended up playing through the entire game of Blue’s Clues: Blue’s Alphabet Book. I also had a really tough time tracking down the information for the Kevin VanDam Big Bass Challenge game which really took a lot more time away from being able to work on more pages.

Here are the pages I put a decent amount of content into from my list:

Steam Trading Cards

Nothing much to say about these this week. The place that I usually get the info from about new trading cards seemed to stop updating. I did find another way of knowing so I will hopefully be able to keep these updated.

Here are the games I had to add to the wiki because of the trading cards this week:

So this weekend I will be plenty busy building myself a fence and a deck so I will probably not be able to get to too much editing. I am hoping this week to try and get more pages knocked out from my list, but every time it seems like I set high aspirations something ends up happening that makes it hard, stupid real life.

I have been noticing a decent amount of wiki editing going on this week, but I am also noticing it is mostly done by a handful of folks. I am super excited that you folks that regularly work on the wiki are doing it, but I really wish there were some way to pull in more new folks to get into it. The other problem I notice is that a lot of people get started into it and then only do it for a short while before falling out of it.

I was pretty excited to see that Jeff answered my question on the newest Jar Time video this week.

Alright, enough rambling from me this week. If any of you out there have any kinds of activity this week or have anything else to discuss about wiki editing let us know!


Weekly Wiki Update - Saturday, August 16th 2014.

This week officially marks my first week back to a sane schedule and the return of more time to work on the wiki. So other than the couple of goals I set out to do I did a little bit of unplanned editing as well. I added a bunch of wrestlers that are in WWE SuperCard to that wiki page. I also did a little cleaning up or adding basic info to various pages I ran across. Today (Saturday) I went out looking for games and ended up getting a complete copy of Total Eclipse for the Commodore 64 and ended up adding the credits from the manual.

Created Pages

A few weeks ago I decided my first goal once returning to my regular schedule was going to be working on filling out more of the pages I created. I have created close to 1600 pages now in the wiki but I am unsatisfied with the amount of content on a lot of those pages. So this week I am starting at the very beginning of the list and am going to fill in more information on as many of them as I possibly can. This will probably be an ongoing project over many, many weeks, but I am excited to get started.

Here are the pages I put a decent amount of content into from my list:

Steam Trading Cards

Nothing too special this week in the world of Steam Trading Cards. I have been noticing that Winter Wolves Studio has been pretty steadily releasing trading cards for all the visual novel games they release on Steam. This week also saw quite a few “retro style” games adding cards.

Here are the games I had to add to the wiki because of the trading cards this week:

Today I noticed a little work had been done on the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online page. I also then noticed that all the work I had previously done needs a big overhaul as the game has now been changed from a browser based game into a client based game where much of it looks and plays differently.

I got a couple of shout outs this week. The first one would be @mento for his work on sorting out the mess that was the games based on Terminator 2, AND making this list of all the Super Famicom/SNES games he has created pages for in his quest FOR THEM ALL.

I also have to point out the page for WWE SuperCard which got filled out really quickly.

@jeff has also started a discussion about whether or not we should simplify the current system of adding friends or enemies to characters here.

Anyone else out there doing some wiki work, let us know what you have been working on or if you have any topics that should be brought up.


Weekly Wiki Update - Saturday, August 9th 2014.

So this week even though I still did not have very much time, I made sure to set some aside to do some extra work on the wiki. This is my last week for work being super busy, so very soon I will fully be back in wiki edit mode.

So my wife recently acquired a PC compilation that has 20 games that all have some kind of hidden object component to them. She happened to pick a random one to play and it just happened to be a Picross game with hidden object elements to it. I have given myself a personal goal to beat every Picross game I come across, and I have also taken it upon myself to add a ton of hidden object games to the wiki so you can imagine my surprise when we ran across Arizona Rose and the Pirates Riddle.

I also just got a new Android phone so I have been checking out some games available and for whatever reason decided that I was going to work on the Pac-Man Dash! page, which was completely empty.

This week I also went through like I do every once in a while and tried to clean out some of the iOS games from the iPod platform. I wonder if there might be a better way to get across the fact that the iPod platform is not for iPod Touch but only the iPod Classic with the click-wheel.

Steam Trading Cards

This week in the world of Steam Trading Cards was fairly slow and not too exciting. Some pretty run of the mill stuff and mobile ports. This week also saw much less games adding cards than the past few.

As always here is a list of games that I had to add:

So there you have it with another week down on what I have been up to on the wiki. My plan for next week is to get working on filling out as many pages in my list of created pages as I possibly can. I am also going to try and keep an eye out for some wiki pages that maybe need some attention and maybe some that are great examples and do a little something with them.

Also for you wiki editors out there that may have not seen the blog post from Jeff, he posted about what to do with parodies or unlicensed appearances of characters with some great discussions going on.

Anyone else out there doing some wiki work, let us know what you have been working on or if you have any topics that should be brought up.


Weekly Wiki Update - Saturday, August 2nd 2014.

So I am kicking myself for missing this last week, but to be honest I really did not do anything wiki related last week. I am down to one week left before I really have the time to dig back in and I am excited.

No real goals to speak of this week other than the same old Steam Trading Cards, but I did end up randomly putting some work into the balance indicator concept page. I was pretty surprised when I stumbled on it that it was completely void of any information. I was trying to rack my brain to add more games to it, but only had a handful. If anyone else out there can think of more, then please add them.

Another project I came across is when I was working on that balance indicator page is that the original Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater had no more concepts, characters, ect. linked to it. I added some of the ones I could think of at the time, but I am sure a lot more need to be added back.

Steam Trading Cards

Boy oh boy did I pay for letting this go for two weeks instead of one. There was a ton of games adding cards these past two weeks. Luckily for the sake of time a lot of them at least had pages already created for them, and some other folks had already added trading cards to some. I did end up working on some of the pages a little bit that were already created that were completely bare.

Also this past week they added cards to the only MMO game I ever got hooked on, Ragnarok Online.

As always here is a list of games that I had to add:

So there it is, a double week edition of the “weekly” wiki update. As I said at the top I am coming up on having more time on my hands again so I plan on digging into my list of pages I have created over the last few years and really filling them in.

Also an idea that I have been toying with including in this blog series is maybe adding a community wiki task type of deal where maybe I spotlight a wiki page in need each or something? If anyone has any thoughts on this let me know.

Anyone else out there doing some wiki work, let us know!

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