Weekly Wiki Update - Saturday, July 12th 2014.

I bet you thought I was not going to do one of these this week. Well guess what? I did one. Despite this week being even more busy at work I managed to do more wiki work. I ended up filling in some basic overviews and information on some empty pages, worked on the old Steam cards, and some pinball.

I noticed this week that I had passed 1500 pages added to the wiki (not counting people pages). I decided that once my schedule is lighter my first big project is going to be working on going through all those created pages and making sure as many of them are totally filled out as possible. I am not really happy with how many of them are still fairly empty, so it will be an undertaking.


This week I actually got to spend some time working on some other parts of the wiki. While I have some bigger plans for when my schedule lightens up, I wanted to do a little more this week. I decided to do a little more work on getting all the pinball machines I can added to the wiki. This is a project I come back to off and on again and is pretty much an ongoing thing.

I actually found some pinball machines to add to the wiki on top of some I just edited. Here are the pinball machines I added.

Steam Trading Cards

Another week means another round of a lot of games adding Steam Trading Cards. Not as many old releases getting cards this week as there has been recently, but that also meant a lot of work on either empty pages. This week did seem to bring cards to a bunch of hidden objects games, which means I get to kill two birds with one stone.

This week there actually were not too many pages to create because of the trading cards despite 27 games adding them. As always here is a list of games that I had to add:

Another week has passed and I felt better about the amount of work I was able to complete this week. I am really itching to dig into my list of created pages and start filling those out, but in the mean time I will continue working on these games adding Steam Cards. I also noticed I still can’t seem to edit the actual Steam Trading Cards page without getting an error. Does anyone know if there is something specific I am doing to trigger it or is it because it has too many associations still?

As always I am curious as to what all of you have been up to in the wiki? I am sure @mento is still plugging away at SNES games, @hailinel is probably fixing up some poorly written text, and @blacklagoon is probably adding new Vita games.


Weekly Wiki Update - Saturday, July 5th 2014.

Got the old weekly wiki update up a tad late this week, but it is up. I am not about halfway through my crazy summer schedule so I look forward to being able to really dig back into the wiki soon. This week I also got a little side-tracked by playing through Wolfenstein: The New Order on the fourth.

This week I did do a little more than the last couple of weeks. I did the usual Steam Trading Card duty, but also found some empty pages that needed some information that I filled in.

Steam Trading Cards

I ended up not adding most of the Steam Trading Cards games until today (Saturday). I spent at least a couple of hours working through all the games that got cards added. The amount of games adding cards each week seems to be not slowing down any time soon. I am now adding 20+ games to the list of Trading Cards every week, with some weeks being even more.

One good thing to come out of this though is that I am regularly running into pages that have already been created but are completely barren of any kind of information. As always here is a list of games that I had to add:

So that is it for another week of updates for what I have been up to on the wiki. I am sorry for this pretty much being similar each week for the last few, but I should only have a few more to go before I can get back to setting real goals and having themes each week. I am not sure if anyone is even still really reading these, but I am going to keep on doing them. Without doing these I feel like with the long days I would fall behind on even working on the Steam Trading Cards.

As always, what have all of you been up to?


Weekly Wiki Update - Saturday, June 29th 2014

The Weekly Wiki Update is Back! I am back this week after missing last week in which I had to work a bunch, had jury duty, and got sick. I really wanted to put one of these out last week, but the last thing I wanted to do was sit down at my desk in front of the computer. I will try my hardest this next week to get this out on time, especially with it being a three day weekend.

Steam Trading Cards

There was a TON of games adding trading cards over the last couple of weeks. The good thing this time around is that a lot of the pages already existed on the wiki, the bad thing was that many of the pages were totally empty. So over the last couple of weeks I went through adding the games that were missing and filling in basic information on all the completely empty pages.

One of the things I noticed is missing on many pages is the developer. I am assuming this is because of the ease of getting a game out there now days so there is a sudden glut of new developers out there putting their games on Steam.

Here are the games I had to add to the wiki because of Steam Trading Cards.

Alright that is it for this return to the update. I think I am going to try and do more editing this week besides just working on the Steam Trading Card pages. I am really curious this week what all of you have been up to as I have not even been able to really keep an eye on what has been happening in the wiki world.

Also, has anyone seen an area of the wiki that needs some help? Maybe we should point out some of the things that need work so anyone out there that is trying to decide can pick something and get to work.


Weekly Wiki Update - Sunday, June 15th 2014

Hey everyone another week means another weekly wiki update from me. I have still been super busy so I still have not been able to really dig in to anything in particular. The craziness of E3 happened and along with it brings craziness to the wiki every year. This year I decided to avoid working on anything that was shown at E3 since it always seems to only lead to duplicate pages or information.


As I said in the opening I have been very busy still with that real life thing to really focus on anything in particular other than these darn Steam Trading Cards. This week brought a LOT of games adding Steam Trading Cards and I fell so far behind this week that I was not able to post this until Sunday rather than Friday. As I was stumbling across the pages for games that had cards added that were already in the wiki, I also stumbled across a lot of completely empty pages with almost zero content. I went through all of those pages and added the basic information and overview to them.

Here are the games I had to add to the wiki because of Steam Trading Cards.

Well that is it for this week. I was very tempted this week to skip doing this, but decided I needed to keep doing it. Hopefully in about a handful of weeks or so I will be able to really dig into the wiki again, but until then I have a feeling I will be mostly keeping up with the Steam cards and just adding basic info to empty pages.

So what have you other wiki editing duders been working on? Have any of you been digging in to the newly announced or shown games at E3? How far has @mento gotten on his quest for the SNES?


Weekly Wiki Update - Thursday, June 5th 2014

Yes I usually try and get these out on a Friday morning/afternoon, but getting up and heading to work at 5:30 A.M. pretty much prevents this from happening, so it is on Thursday night this week. This week was pretty bare from me in terms of wiki editing. I was expecting to get less done due to work ramping up but I was not expecting work to completely kick my butt. Normally I try to do at least a little basic work in the wiki every single day, but this week I probably got around to it only a few total days.


No goals this week besides the Steam cards. I still went poking around a bit and added some basic information and did some fixing here and there, but no set out plan.

Steam Trading Cards

This week I got to start out with the first game I needed to make a page for being a visual novel game. Visual novel games are pretty much an entire genre I have very little desire to play or have knowledge of. I TOTALLY let these pile up this week and had to power through a bunch of them Thursday night before going to bed. Not a lot of games with cards this week that really excite me too much, except for the fact that Dead Rising 3 is now listed on Steam, WITH trading cards. Once again here is the list of games I had to add because of the cards:

Well that is it for this week. This was a super short update, but I just did not have time to do very much, as a matter of fact I am almost falling asleep while writing this. I really want to try and do more next week, but I am not too sure that is going to happen. But whether or not that happens I will still do one of these next week. As always, what are you other wiki editing duders up to?


Weekly Wiki Update - Friday, May 30th 2014

Alright here it is, the first week of my much more crazy summer work schedule. I am not sure if I will be able to do much more than smaller edits and fixes and probably keep up with the Steam Trading Cards. I will try however to still do what I can.


This week I decided not to give myself any specific goals to meet. I have a few specific goals I really want to work on, but with the time I have right now I decided it might just be best to work on whatever comes up.

I started this week by doing quite a bit of work filling out the page for Escape Rosecliff Island. Rosecliff Island is a hidden object game that I picked from my Steam library to actually play through so I figured I should work on the page for it as well. I also ended up going through and adding basic info or fixing things on a bunch of pages, but did not get to dig in and really fill in any pages.

Steam Trading Cards

So this week I kind of let these build up until over halfway through the week. Luckily for me this week a lot of the games were already in the wiki and just needed a little more information added to them. Once again here is the list of games I had to add because of the cards:

So there is another week down. Sorry that this week was pretty sparse, I really wanted to do some more this week but it did not work out. We shall see what the next week will bring, especially since I start not only working way more but I also start jury duty. As always what are you guys and gals working on in the wiki these days?


Weekly Wiki Update - Friday, May 23rd 2014

Another Friday means another weekly wiki update. This week is the week of Steam. I actually did not mean to focus on all these PC games, it just kind of happened. Most all of my updates to the wiki this week involved PC games.


Steam Mania

Apparently I just can’t get enough of adding games because of the Steam cards that I needed to add other Steam games as well. I decided to go through Steam and see what games are there that are not in the wiki yet. Steam has recently been having games dumped on there like crazy, and it is hard to keep up on it.

Hidden Objects

So I decided after looking over the large amount of hidden object games I have acquired that it was time to finally make sure they are all in the wiki. I have a pretty sort of like/hate relationship with the games in that I actually do like some of them, but I have added so many of them on here. These games all start to blend together. The reason for acquiring so many of these is two-fold, one is because my wife loves them and plays them all the time and the other is a morbid curiosity I have for them. I have a lot more to add, but here are the ones I had to add to the wiki since they weren't already here.

Steam Trading Cards

The theme of Steam continues with even more games with Steam cards. Nothing really too interesting this week except for that new Gauntlet game jumped out at me as a surprise. I had totally forgotten that thing even got announced, let alone already is listed as having Steam cards. Here are the games I had to add to the wiki because they got cards.

Another week down and I can’t believe I have stuck to these. This week started with a bang for me but then got super busy. Speaking of which starting next week I will probably not be able to do very much wiki editing as summer brings a shift in my work hours.

I have been noticing people editing a wide variety of pages this week which is awesome. As always what are you fellow duders working on? Also I have been hearing that Steam has already had more games added to it this year than all of 2013, and I totally believe it.


Weekly Wiki Update - Friday, May 16th 2014.

Another Friday means another weekly wiki update. I got kind of a late start to really working on anything this week, but managed to play through some more Game Boy games. I am really enjoying picking a theme for each week and trying to focus on that, but now I have so many ideas I think I need to write them down somewhere.


Game Boy

So I just could not let these little Game Boy games go and decided to go for another week of focusing on them. I tried to complete some of these pages as much as I could, but I decided to go with a few Japanese games and can’t read much Japanese, so I could only fill some basic stuff in. I think this might be my last week concentrating on Game Boy games for now as I have some other ideas I think I want to try and tackle. Anyway, here are the couple of Game Boy pages I spent a little more time on this week:

Steam Trading Cards

Another week means another bunch of cards added to games on Steam. There seemed to be quite a bit more of these this week. This also marks the return of creating a page for a hidden object game for me, something I did a lot of at one time but the monotony of those games drove me away. It was actually a pretty varied week on the types of games that got cards, which is always fun. I am not totally sure why this is something I keep up on, but I guess I figured it was easier to keep up on it rather than try and fill in what is missing later. Here are the pages I had to add because of the useless virtual cards:

So there it is for this week. I got a little more work done than I did last week, but I was still hoping for a little more. I’m not sure if I am just going crazy or not, but it seems like there have been more people updating some of the older games in the wiki (such as @mento) which makes me happy. As always I would love to hear about what you fine folks editing the wiki are working on so let us know!


Weekly Wiki Update - Friday, May 9th 2014.

Alright so with this being the third week of doing these blogs I am actually confident I can keep this up. So I have been trying to figure out lately how we can really pump this wiki up and get more people working on it. I’ve tried bringing it up as much as possible and tried tweeting it out and such. I figure bringing the wiki tasks back will help somewhat, but does anyone else have any ideas? I would love to see more folks doing regular work on it, even if it is just small details.


Another week means another week of trying to work on some more release dates and basic data, BUT I decided to do another week on trying to work on the good old Game Boy games. There still seems to be a lot of forgotten games out there for the old brick, but I love it. I really did not get around to nearly as many games this week as I wanted to because of not feeling too good and work ramping up. I have not decided if I am going to focus on Game Boy games again next week or start on what my next idea is. Anyway, here are the couple of Game Boy pages I spent a little more time on this week:

Steam Trading Cards

Who would have thought that this week there would be more games adding Steam Trading Cards? This marks the second week in a row with a farming game, whoo hoo. This week I did not think there would be much for games adding Steam Trading Cards, then it seemed like there was a sudden glut of them. This time around however quite a few of the games that added cards were already in the wiki. Once again here is a list of games I had to create so that I could add them to the Steam Trading Cards concept.

And that is it for this week. It was not nearly as productive as I was hoping it was going to be, but next week I hope to pick it up a little bit. Coming up in a couple of weeks will be when I have to slow down on some of the wiki stuff as summer for me is far more busy for work than the rest of the year. Let me know what kind of stuff you guys are doing or interested in doing in the wiki.


Weekly Wiki Update - Friday, May 2nd 2014.

Holy cow I actually managed to do this for a second week in a row?!? I actually went in to this week with a boosted interest in working on pages after last week. I think these blogs are a real motivator when it comes to really focusing down on some objectives.


This week I still decided to do some work on the pages that are empty or have no release date, which I will probably be working on for quite some time. BUT this week I decided to do a little more focused work on a few pages to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Nintendo’s Game Boy. The Game Boy is a system that I have a ton of nostalgia for. I still remember opening up my brand new Game Boy for Christmas in ’89. Besides just going through and adding basic information on a lot of Game Boy games, some of the games I took a little more time on to celebrate this occasion. Some of those were:

Steam Trading Cards

Another week means more games released that have Steam Trading Cards. There did not seem to be quite the deluge of titles this week as there have been in the last couple of weeks, but there sure was still some. This week I decided I am going to start keeping track of not all the pages I add Steam Cards to, but the ones that I had to create because of them. This week there was only three games that got cards added that were not already in the wiki.

Well that is it for this week. I am having some fun doing this so I plan on doing another one next week, let us see if I follow through with it. I already have an idea for next weeks goals, but I do still want to do more work on some of those Game Boy games.

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